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Hearing Aids in Napanee | ListenUP! Canada

Our Napanee, ON location offers a wide variety of hearing aids and hearing services. Call or submit an online form to schedule a free hearing test.

Marie Perry said 3 years ago
The staff and the hearing specialist were wonderful, kind, and caring. My complaint is more about my hearing aids. I had trouble with my hearing aids from soon after I got them. The batteries would drain very quickly. This got worse over time. Now they only seem to last for about 1/2 hour or so. At times they just wouldn't work at all, even with fresh batteries. They were sent away but came back with "Nothing is wrong but we cleaned them for you and you shouldn't have further trouble." I was on a business trip in the US and could not get one of them to work. I had forgotten my cleaning gadgets so I couldn't clean them. I happened to be in Costco and they had a hearing service in the store. I asked if I could purchase the pipes from them. They didn't have them but offered to clean my hearing aids for free while I waited. The one still would not work. They tried 4 different batteries before it finally worked. There is obviously something intermittent wrong with them but since they were certified ok they were never replaced. I'm now sitting here with hearing aids that I can't use, the warranty (which was useless because they couldn't "reproduce the problem" is up on them, and I can't afford to buy new ones. I think that ListenUp should have done more to assist with either getting the hearing aids fixed properly or repaired. I am giving 3 stars because I am angry that I was never able to resolve the issues with my hearing aids and I spent too much money on them to be useless.
carolyn grondin said 3 years ago
I took by grandson a year ago and I went for my own assessment this year and the staff was fabulous . I felt very confident in the Secretary's ability as well as the Audiologist. Would highly recommend it.
Catherine Matheson said 3 years ago
Best Prices! Best Service! Highly recommend!
katieasap1 said 3 years ago
Always friendly and always goes the extra mile. Totally enjoy working with Bonnie and Alasdair.
Heather Lindsay said 3 years ago
The service was great