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CALL 403-394-9903 to book your hearing test Ask about the new OPN1 hearing aid from Oticon! Would like to welcome you to our new location Audiologist Dr. Thomas Copps is no longer partnered with Thomas Copps Audiology Clinic. Audiology First is the new home of Thomas Copps and Glenn Hole. Audiology First is also the newest, independent, locally owned audiology clinic in Lethbridge, Alberta. This is the same team you have grown to trust over the years, providing the same high standards of hearing care, attention to detail, and satisfaction to you and your family. We provide a full range of hearing care services for adults. Tour Our Facility Close COMBINED WITH YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Each hearing test offers an in-depth diagnostic assessment and report. We provide specialized assessments of the brains hearing pathway, which go beyond traditional tests for fitting hearing aids. Our goal is to get a complete understanding of the hearing needs of each individual, not just the hearing loss. We provide expertly fitted hearing aids selected for their outstanding performance and durability. We continue to offer a complete system of support and aftercare for each of our patients, with all the experience and skills to make living with your hearing products simple.

Sean Clark said 3 years ago
You wont find a better audiology team than Tom Copps and his crew. Ive been seeing Tom for over 15 years and he never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge, service, and genuine care for his clients and all things hearing. Choosing Audiology First is to chose an audiology team who will take the time to learn whats best for you and whose care extends for years and years through the life of your hearing aids. Realistically, there are no words to fully capture my appreciation for Tom, Glen, and the rest of the team at Audiology First. Thank you for all the years of helping me live a life with hearing loss to the fullest, and for truly making a difference to me every single day.
John Squire said 3 years ago
I have just purchased a new set of Oticon mini rite hearing aids. I bought my first of Oticon hearing aids from Dr Copps 7 years ago. I am keeping them as backups. Audiology First with Dr Copps gives excellent service and the staff are friendly. This time, I had the aids for more than a month for trial and adjustments before i had to pay for them. The aids were adjusted to my specific hearing needs over a period of several weeks. Dr Copps was willing to work with me to set the aids to my needs. The experience was good. I recommend Audiology First to anyone with hearing problems.
John and Cindy Ballard said 4 years ago
A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE My husband is in his early 50's and has significant hearing loss. Before going to Audiology First, he was skeptical as to how much hearing aides could really benefit him. His father had hearing loss, and had never found hearing aides that really made a difference. My husband was also a bit embarrassed because he feels rather young to be needing them. When I say a life changing experience, I am in no way exaggerating.My husband visited Glenn Hole at Audiology First. Glenn was so kind and is extremely knowledgable.He made my husband feel absolutely comfortable and at ease during his visits. When my husband came away from his first visit he finally understood the impact of hearing loss. Glenn was understanding of his questions and concerns about hearing loss and is very compassionate. My husband loves his hearing aides and describes being able to hear now as a "whole new world". As a manager he can't believe how long he went fumbling through conversations with his employees, not to mention his wife! Both my husband and I would highly recommend visiting Audiology First.
Ethan Peterson said 4 years ago
I was very pleased with my experience with Audiology First. Their staff was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

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