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Angie Gildart said 3 years ago
I knew I had a hearing problem - but I was not ready to admit it to myself, as I was , in my opinion too young to have hearing problem that would require a hearing device.......that was until I went away on vacation and realized I could not "hear" the ocean. Upon my return back home, I had another hearing test done and it showed a decline from from 3 previous routine hearing tests. Being told I was moderate to severe deaf in my left here and severe to profoundly deaf in my right ear - was very frightening to say the least. I met with PEI Hearing Consultants - talked about my hearing tests and I have to say that Steve was wonderful to deal with. Very comforting to hear him say that it will be "OK" and that he can help me with hearing again. It was amazing when he put hearing aids in both of my ears and I would actually HEAR !! I could hear sounds that I have not heard in years!!! Birds, rustling leaves on trees and my goodness, I did not have to put my television on volume # 70 !!!!! How about a #5 on the first evening watching television !! :) My husband was happy about that!! Since I have been using the hearing aids, about 3 months now, my life has changed a lot. I can hear, I am much happier, my friends and family do not have to speak LOUD to me or REPEAT themselves over and over and most of all I am not missing out on any more of the wonderful little nature sounds, or conversations with my friends/family - these are sounds I have truly missed - but had forgotten about over the past number of years - you've heard the saying: "Out of sight ... out of mind"? - it is considered the same when one can not hear properly, you just deal with trying to get through every day hearing what you need to hear for work and home. I am so very happy that I took that first step to get informed - it was a pleasurable experience and I have to say that Steve and Katie are wonderful to deal with !! Thank you both so very much for your kindness shown to me !!!!
Sandra Ireland said 3 years ago
I asked an existing client of PEI Hearing Consultants about this group, and was told this group was superior in all ways. I scheduled a hearing evaluation, and I'm really happy I did so. The hearing test was the best one I've ever had. Of course, I was sad to learn that I needed to have help with my hearing, BUT when I was introduced to the methods used to evaluate and help correct for hearing losses, I was greatly relieved, and happy to learn that I was being helped according to MY NEEDS for hearing assistance as opposed being put into some sort of "one size fits all" category. The journey t o be able to hear better again is such a relief. It is great to be able to HEAR night time insects clicking/chirping, r birds singing, and my cat purring. I can also hear whispers during movies, and the children playing outside our house. Steve Wong has given me his undivided attention to my questions and answered me in ways that I can understand and was very professional and he DID NOT talk down to me. I am very satisfied with the service I've gotten. It is such a pleasure to hear soft sounds and even some of the loud ones again. Best decision I made was to get the help I needed from PEI Hearing Consultants. Thanks Steve!!!
Chaisity Ellis said 3 years ago
Steve and PEI Hearing Consultants has changed our lives. My 38 year old husband has been suffering from hearing loss for the past 8 years. This year being the worst by far. Watching my husband miss out on the big things in our lives, to the little things. This has been heartbreaking and essentially effects our family. Being that my husband is only 38, he didn't really want to acknowledge any kind of deficit. So he always down played how much he was Not hearing. We made an appt where Steve and Katie tested his hearing and played it back to me; and what I heard or didn't hear rather was so profoundly quiet. I had no idea he was living in a world with basically no sound. I was just devastated Knowing that he had been living in a solitary world with little to no sound, like living in darkness. Steve brought my husband back into the light! My husband always tells me how much he loves hearing my voice again, and each day has little victories like hearing traffic, the birds and everything that happens all around him. We celebrate each victory! Steve has changed our lives and most importantly fights for my husband to have the best quality of life. So I thank Steve and will be forever grateful that he joined me to fight for my husband. The staff is so kind, patient and knowledgeable. We renewed our vows this summer and my husband actually heard me! Thank you Steve for helping us get there because it meant even more; and everything In our lives has started to improve. Also what is great is; the continuous care and knowledge they provide or assist us with. Thank you so much Steve and Katie, you guys are amazing people. Forever thankful and grateful Chaisity Ellis-Delaney
Sean Delaney said 3 years ago
I was hesitant to even go to this appt my wife made. I Knew that I had a little hearing loss but when I went to see Steve I realized that my hear loss was more significant than I let on or knew. This appt changed my life for the betteršŸ˜„. It didn't only improve my hearing, but also my relationships with my wife/family/friends. I really appreciate all the hard work done by Steve and Katie and I Am continuously for the on going services they provide. Thanks Steve, you're the man! And Katie is awesome! Thanks guys
Patty Dillon said 3 years ago
I've had trouble with my ears all my life, the tinnitus is rather annoying, but, you just learn to live with it and block it out. However, with this new updated device from Bernafon, I can hear so much clearer, sharper, words make more sense,and the tinnitus is almost non existant. The older model I had was appropriate up until the latest decline in my hearing. The hearing in my right ear had a discrimination of 28% in Jan. 2014 and now as of Jul. 2016 it is 12%. I no longer need to have the volume on the televison up to 10-12, it is down to 1 or 2. The times I have to ask everyone to repeat what they said is much much less, which "they" are very greatful. Katie and Steve have been professional, friendly and are very understanding of my needs. I am very satisfied with the service I've received.

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