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Hearing Aids Barrie, ON | ListenUP! Canada

Our Barrie, ON location offers a wide variety of hearing aids and hearing services. Call or submit an online form to schedule a free hearing test.

Mark Wells said 3 years ago
Excellent customer service and follow up. Was able to get repairs done on site with very little wait time. (less then 10 minutes) Sophie made the difficult idea of getting hearing aids a lot less stressful. Answered all my questions and even answered questions that I didn't know to ask! Great job!
lin1jay1 said 3 years ago
I did not like the way my hearing aids were sold to me. There was no way to make a choice. The choice was made for me. I thought the person I was dealing with was weak technically. Just a pretty face. I did not like the service. I drove an hour to Barrie to get the wire lead replaced because it was too short and the hearing aid would come out of my ear in use. When I got home I realized that they had replaced it with the same length. I stopped doing business in Barrie and tried Orillia. It was technically better. I started buying my batteries at Costco which were about 40% cheaper and lasted twice as long.
Allan Cormack said 3 years ago
I am very satisfied with the hearing aids from Listen Up. The staff was very helpful and gave me very concise instructions on how to look after the new devices. It is fabulous to be able to hear again! Thank you
spencer gorman said 3 years ago
Excellent customer service, incredible products with great 3 year warranties. Sofi was very knowledgeable and friendly. The receptionists always recognize you by name. Hearing aid was even just out of warranty and they fixed my broken aid for free!
Jim Young said 3 years ago
I also do not like the hearing aids I purchased from Listen Up. I do not like ANY hearing aids. I wish I had my natural hearing. But that's a moot point so the previous statements amount to nothing more than whining. If I HAVE to have hearing aids, I am very happy to have found Sofi Quadri at Listen Up in Barrie. I have 100% confidence in Sofi's evaluations and recommendations. It would be difficult to conceive that I could expect to find better Customer Service anywhere else.