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Trump moves to eliminate nearly all asylum claims at U.S. southern border - Los Angeles Times

Latimes.com - Molly O'Toole
The new rule, set to take effect Tuesday, would bar asylum claims for nearly all migrants from any country. The rule would nearly wipe out U.S. asylum law.
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After the President of the United States spent the day openly encouraging a group of critical congresswomen of color to leave the country, the four Democratic lawmakers made clear Monday they're here to stay.
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SpaceX nears completion of Dragon investigation, has a “good path forward” - Ars Technica

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"Through this process, we will continue to learn things that will help us fly safer.”
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JR Smith has been waived by the Cavaliers, but sources have told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski that joining the Lakers and reuniting with LeBron James is unlikely.
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Kylie Jenner‘s latest swimwear went down the runway three years before she was born.
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