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New Westminster Hearing Clinic - Lower Mainland Centre | Connect Hearing

Book a free hearing test at the New Westminster Hearing clinic today; find out if you can benefit from hearing aids & hear the difference in a free demo!

Mike Rouleau said 4 years ago
Well, 3 years ago we loved our meeting with the audiologist Christiane. She was recommended by a client and the experience they described was lived up to 100%. She was helpful without leaving us feeling like we were being up-sold. We settled on Phonak equipment and it was expensive. My wife was happy with the product's performance and quality and had to return a couple of times to get the programming fine tuned to her individual needs. Never a problem getting an appointment that was convenient to us. Over time, things start to wear out. They continue to keep us supplied with ear bug batteries. They have given us extra TV Link units and when one burns out they are quick to replace it at no cost to us. So all in all I would not hesitate for a second to recommend this location for your hearing aid needs. But what I noticed as recently as our visit today is the generous and amenable customer service delivered through their technician Reece. Whenever we have had a problem occur with equipment it has been so easy to get it solved with Reece. He never hurries us and goes the extra mile to investigate and explain thereby making sure the fix will be successful. And where something is a "try this", he explains why we are trying this first and what the fallback plan is. You never walk out the door feeling you will be on your own to figure it out. Thanks Christiane and Reece.
Thomas Page said 4 years ago
Very professional and friendly staff. The service is great. Christiane and Reese are great.
Claudia Siqueira said 3 years ago