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North Vancouver Hearing Clinic | Quantum Hearing Clinic

Quantum Hearing Clinic is a North Vancouver Hearing Clinic. Expect professional, friendly hearing care from our experienced audiologist. Call 604-973-0214!

Sassan Hossein-pour said 2 years ago
My Mom and I came to Quantum clinic knowing my mom’s hearing was suffering from faulting on both ears, she was diagnosed previously in Europe, and was prescribed a pair of hearing aid, but she had rejected them and reluctant to use them just because of not knowing how to handle them and the fact that elderly mentally not easily accepting hearing aids. Dr. Ataee with patience and perseverance end up spending several sessions (hours) with my mom to make her mentally ready as well as thoroughly making sure she knows how to handle them and truly like them. My mom has not gone out of her room without her hearing aids ever since … Thank you Dr. Ataee Sassan Hossein-pour