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Infant formula shortage throws the West Wing into crisis mode

www.cnn.com - 25 minutes ago
President Joe Biden's West Wing has been thrown into crisis mode over a nationwide shortage of baby formula, with top aides undertaking efforts to restock grocery store shelves while coming under fire for a mess they didn't create and which they're still
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Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena, 'Hundred Dollar Hoagie'

www.npr.org - 31 minutes ago
The bleary and intimate track creeps at the corners of consciousness. (Image credit: Courtesy of the artist)
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Progressives call for investigation into baby formula shortage

www.politico.com - 1 hour ago
Nearly two dozen lawmakers are calling for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate.
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Ethiopia’s Tigray forces announce release of 4,000 army POWs

abcnews.go.com - 1 hour ago
The Tigray rebel forces fighting Ethiopia’s federal army say they will release 4,000 prisoners of war as part of an amnesty
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Doc shocked to find money up patient’s butt: ‘FDR’s face staring at me!’

nypost.com - 1 hour ago
"I had never seen anything like it and the patient had no recollection of swallowing it," said Dr. Benjamin Schmidt.
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