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Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
Neil Sea said 3 years ago
i would not recommend the CPA program to anyone solely based on the horrible customer service I experienced. I have yet to talk to a Cpa student who has had a good experience. They really don't care about the students in my opinion. It seems professionalism is non existent. Just a huge money grab in my opinion
FAHIM AZIZ said 4 years ago
This is one organization that I will always keep my ass away from. If you are an accounting graduate then it's a different case, but if you are a non-accounting major seeking for career in accounting (through their PREP program) then don't! Apparently they are the richest boards in Canada, yet during your PREP term, if you do not want to continue your study for a while, they will charge you full year's student membership fee ($600 + tax). Customer service is one of a kind! I have been trying to de-enrolled myself from one of their course since last month. Still they have not come back to me! I have a strong feeling they are trying to rob me by not processing my request on time. Apparently their policy says they do not refund for a course after 1st day of class. Lets see how that goes. I will keep you guys posted. But I have seriously lost faith in this organization. I wanted to hold my study for a while, since I had to take few courses from my work (non-accounting related certifications). But now after facing these dramas, I have decided to most possibly withdraw my membership (final nail would be if they try to rob me by not refunding $600 out of $700 for the course I am planning to cancel). For non-accounting majors I would suggest you spend your money and time for something technical like SQL, web development , or even simple courses on R, SAP, Oracle, rather than on CPA. You do not want to be part of an organization that always demands money out of your pocket!
Xiangchuan Kong said 3 years ago
sundeep johal said 3 years ago

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