Camino Real Shopping Center, Calle 2, San Germán, 00683, Puerto Rico

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Caribbean Cinemas

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Señor Méndez said 4 years ago
They play 7 movies at a time, usually good up to date selections. Not their choice but you can finally pay with credit or debit card. Puerto Rico law made them. The place is in need of a remodeling, especially the chairs.
Osvaldo Villafane said 4 years ago
Rouge One premier and 6th movie frozed. The had to reboot system. Horrible experience. Premier night ruined. If I could give no stars I would've
Joel Arowsmith said 4 years ago
It's small, yet most movies show here. The employees are not friendly neither rude, they just barely talk. I do enjoy being here, though the building is not inviting at all. The popcorn is great though 😉. I recommend it if you want to watch a movie with friends.
amber olive said 4 years ago
They just installed the ATM machine, but surprisingly it never works. We usually get a very nice service, yet the last time we went there, the employees were completely uninterested and apathic. I went with my family and friends. When we went to buy the snacks, they told us they didn't have any trays (which we are used to getting for carrying the snacks). So we had to go back and forth a bunch of times, and the employees were looking truly annoyed because we were holding up the line. The bathroom was FILTHY and only 2 of the 4 stalls were working. Please go back to the good movie experience you used to provide.
Philip Siong said 4 years ago
Great atmosphere. Good ticket price.

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