201 Dorado Del Mar Blvd, Dorado, PR 00646

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Embassy Suites by Hilton Dorado del Mar Beach Resort

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Dorado Beach Resort Puerto Rico - Embassy Suites Dorado

At Embassy Suites Dorado del Mar Beach Resort in Puerto Rico, guests enjoy free breakfast, two room suites with amazing ocean and mountain views. Book Online.

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Jeff Devine said 4 years ago
The good, the free breakfast omlet bar and the free drinks in the evening. The pools and the beach access were also good. The not so good, the room was not well cleaned grime in the bathroom, mold in the tub calking, a wad of gum in the corner and a dirty sock under the bed skirt. The sliding glass door to the balcony was very difficult to open or close.
Kenny Summers said 4 years ago
Very nice rooms. Extremely friendly staff.
Cathy H said 5 years ago
I wish there was a NEGATIVE star that I could use. I bought my son and his wife a 3-day package deal and specifically chose this hotel chain (Hilton) since I am a diamond member of Hilton. Upon arriving at this so called resort, everything was run-down and under construction, nothing like the pictures on the internet. The room was clean and nice (ONLY positive thing about this hotel)... However the second day, there was some sort of fire in the hotel and the elevators were not working. My son asked if he could be moved to a different "Hilton" hotel in the area. The manager was very rude, used profanity while speaking to my son, and then had him "kicked out" of the hotel with a 1-hour notice to vacate the property. She handed him a paper that stated due to section-10 of their laws was the reason. (I looked this up, and it was attempting to commit fraud and refusing to pay) This was a PREPAID trip that I had purchased for him, and gave the hotel approval for him to charge whatever he needed to my card. I am shocked this is the way that Hilton would treat one of their guest not to mention a DIAMOND member of Hilton since 2004. Looks like I will not be traveling to Hilton's in the future and wouldn't recommend anyone to visit this hotel if this is how the manager behaves.
Lianna Dicke said 5 years ago
Beautiful views
Luisfe Chico said 4 years ago
Es tremenda experiencia puedo jugar pokemon go y quedarme sin pockebolas, gracias por la pockeparada.

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