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  We understand your goals. to learn more.  to view a list of our FAQ's. How do we stand out? to learn more.   The Advisor provides Financial Planning and Consulting Services that focus on the specific needs and concerns of the client. Financial planning and Consulting Services include giving advice on investment and non-investment related matters. (e.g., tax and estate planning/gifting matters on a stand-alone basis). Financial Planning Services include the identification of financial goals and objectives, collection and assessments of all relevant data, identification of financial problems and formulation of solutions, and the preparation of a financial plan in the form of specific written recommendations.   The Advisor provides investment supervisory services on a discretionary basis defined as giving continuous investment advice to a client (or making investments for the client) based on the individual needs and goals and objectives of the client. Through this service, the Advisor offers a customized and individualized investment program providing clients advice regarding asset allocation primarily among managed accounts, institutional class mutual funds, and exchange traded funds with on-going evaluation and selection of investments, and adjustment and balancing of portfolios. Should You Apply for Social Security Now or Later? Apr 21, 2017 by Freedom Advisory Should You Apply for Social Security Now or Later?   When should you apply for benefits? Consider a few factors first. ... Read More Retire to Happiness: Tips to Thrive in the Next Chapter of Life Nov 07, 2016 by Freedom Advisory Here’s a thought: retirement doesn’t mean the end. It doesn’t mean an end of self-importance or purpose, it just means a new chapter—a paradigm shift of what life is beyond long days and meetings and bosses. Unless you own your own business, and even then, you are not your business. You’re not solely defined by the... Read More Understanding Investment Risk Aug 08, 2016 by Freedom Advisory All investors – be they conservative, moderate or aggressive – need to understand that the level of returns they expect to generate is directly related to the amount of risk they are willing to assume – the higher the return, the higher the amount of risk one needs to take. It probably doesn’t dawn on most people that,... Read More Eduardo J Ramos Eduardo Ramos has been providing clients with financial planning, accounting, investment management and consulting services since 1984. In 2008, Mr. Ramos founded Freedom Advisory, LLC to independently provide a more comprehensive range of financial planning and investment management services to his clients with an open architecture platform through the RIA channel. Currently, Mr. Ramos serves to a substantial number of clients and families with financial, retirement, risk, cash flows management, tax planning and investment management services. He is dedicated to developing lasting relationships and focuses on providing exemplary client service. Mr. Ramos continues to invest in ongoing education to identify new tools and techniques that will help his clients achieve their intermediate and long-term goals. Mr. Ramos frequently contributes to national industry conventions and seminars and maintains strong affiliations with major financial institutions. Bio Roberto Rivera Roberto is a Director and investment advisor representative at Freedom Advisory LLC. He has provided investment advisory and financial planning services to high net worth individuals, families, and institutions in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and mainland US for the past 17 years. Roberto helps affluent clients address their four biggest concerns: (1) preserving their wealth, (2) managing risk, (3) pursuing financial independence, and (4) taking care of their heirs. This is achieved by using a consultative process to gain a detailed understanding of his clients’ deepest values and goals. Roberto then employs customized recommendations designed to address each client’s unique needs and objectives. Successful individuals and families work with Roberto to: • Develop and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan to help them reach their financial objectives and achieve peace of mind. • Obtain a second opinion from a financial advisor they can trust and will put their best interest first. Bio Giancarlo Diaz-Munio Giancarlo Diaz-Munio started working with Freedom Advisory right after finishing his BA in Finance. Since then, he’s been working as a Registered Investment Advisor Rep. providing financial planning and other services to his clients. Bio

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