1399, Avenida Ana G. Mendez, San Juan, 00926, Puerto Rico

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Driving Directions

Universidad Metropolitana

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Lewis Perez said 5 years ago
Nunca he tenido problemas en procesos de matrícula ni de deudas. Curso de noche y tengo excelentes profesores.
Norma Noris Molina said 6 years ago
El estudiar en la UMET me cambio la vida. Es la mejor decisión que puedes tomar. Excelencia en educación de primera. Infinitas oportunidades de crecimiento profesional, cultural y personal. Gracias!!!
Ariel Mendez Valentin said 5 years ago
Es una de las mejores universidades en Puerto Rico.
Jannette Concepción torres said 5 years ago
Alex J. Rodriguez Alvarez said 5 years ago

Painfully obvious information making mockery of sports broadcasts

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Two sports statistics computer programmers walk into a bar … If familiarity breeds contempt, familiarity also breeds hilarity. Look, given that we’re stuck with a worsening condition and no one, thus far, has been hurt, we might as well enjoy it by playin
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Jets’ success could hinge on cornerbacks Bryce Hall and Bless Austin

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The Jets will be putting a lot of faith in Bryce Hall and Bless Austin, two young cornerbacks.
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Joey Gallo, meet life as a left-handed hitter at Yankee Stadium.
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Hiroshima marks 76th anniversary of US atomic bombing

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Hiroshima has marked the 76th anniversary of the world’s first atomic bombing with the city's mayor urging global leaders to unite to eliminate nuclear weapons, just as they have united against the coronavirus
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Giants’ Jason Garrett praises Daniel Jones for ‘edge’ on field

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Jason Garrett spent 12 years in the NFL, almost exclusively as a backup quarterback. There is something he did not do, ever, but Daniel Jones did.
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Indonesia's controversial 'Jurassic Park' project going ahead in Komodo National Park

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Construction on an Indonesian tourism project dubbed "Jurassic Park" on social media will continue, the southeast Asian country's environment ministry said on August 5, despite UNESCO warnings the plans could have a negative environmental impact.
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