200 Coco Beach Blvd, Río Grande, 00745, Puerto Rico

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Gran Meliá Puerto Rico Golf Resort

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ענדרעש טאנתאנעללא said 4 years ago
This was a relief from past experiences of alleged 'resorts'. The staff was inviting and friendly. Everyone spoke moderate to perfect English. Very hospitable and ready to assist. The only downside was that the water pressure was low and the water temperature was warm but certainly not hot. Other than that the property was beautiful and mostly in good repair. The taxes were $125 for a week's stay and we had to pay for parking which was $18/day. They also took a $500 deductible which we were not advised about....
Iranid Velazquez said 4 years ago
We will definitely stay there again! Only thing that wasn't favorable was that we had to pay for parking, which to me does not make sense, if we are already paying 1k to stay there... BUT it was truly an amazing hotel and worth every penny
Zenobia Byrd said 4 years ago
It's a big area, but it's about 6 miles from the main road. The phones in our room would stop working (couldn't call anyone) and one phone would randomly turn on its speaker and start making noise! The fire alarm in our building went off twice (in the middle of the night). The 1st time it took several minutes for staff to show up and then his response was, "It's okay. It's PROBABLY a false alarm..." "Probably?" If my life and my family's life is possibly on the line, I need you too be absolutely certain there's no fire in the building! They also never gave us the right number of towels (there were 5 of us)! Sometimes there wouldn't be any new towels left in our room. We had to call every night (which was a pain when the phones weren't working) to ask for more. And they wouldn't show up for hours, so always had to call twice before they would actually bring it. They never actually brought us the towels we asked for and on our last night there, they didn't even bother to bring the right number of towels. They were probably tired of us calling, but if they'd given us the correct number of towels in the 1st place, we wouldn't call. We'd be HAPPY to not have to call. The ladies who cleaned also threw away some of our things. Admittedly, it may have looked like trash (plastic Iiplock bags) but we needed them to put our toothbrushes in for travel. They were left on the counter, not put into the trash, so she made her own decision to throw them away. We ended up using the plastic bags that had the sugar/straws for the coffee. It was a waste of what was originally inside those bags, but we didn't want dirty toothbrushes!
Fernando Rodriguez said 4 years ago
Beware dont go here ! First of all they charge a hundred dollars deposit for every night that you stay there, so if you stay there for five days that 500$ deposit they put a hold on your credit card 3 to 5 days after you check out. They charge you 16$ per night for parking on their facilities. And you need a car to get around because every thing is far away . If you want to drink bottled water or pop , you have to call room service. The fridge doesn't work. Do yourself a favor and find a better place.
Yang Wan said 5 years ago
The resort is built on a half island. Very beautiful scene and fun private beach. The rooms are also very large and comfortable. However, its not very ideal travelers who only want a room to park at night. It charges for 20 dollar daily parking fee and you need to drive a relatively long way to get to the hotel. It suits more for people just want to stay in the resort and don't(or occasionally) go out to explore the island.

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