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Monday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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melanie vignau said 5 years ago
Amazing place with awesome artists! you must go. dont even hesitate.
Nephthys De Riourt said 5 years ago
Excellent place. Awsome and professional employees. I have had several piercings done by Alexis Noventa and I recommend this place 100% for its cleanliness, professionalism and overall experience.
Make sure you pay after theyre finish because If you pay before, they wont honor the hours. I paid 500 for 5 hours and the guy always found an excuse to take breaks. They would let you stay until is time to close so that you would think that they gave you even more time than what you paid for but when you compare the time of him tattooing and the breaks the time doesn't add up to what you paid. When I got worried he told me not to worry because I wasn't leaving with the tatoo unfinished and that if he didn't finished he would honor the hours. Didn't happen. I paid 500 dollars for an incomplete tattoo and he told me that I have to paid for the next appointment. I went there to get a tattoo fixed and 5 hours it was more than enough and the guy manage to not finished fixing the tatto. If they make you pay before they star, make sure you have the timer set and every time the guy takes a break stop the timer and take a pic because if you have a complaint don't think that the manager is going to help you out because he won't, he would ask you if you have proof. I guess his not there to do his job.However if you have money I don't care to waste it, the art is not bad but I'm telling you it is not worth the time nor the money.
Norman Greenhawk said 6 years ago
Hands down, the best. I've gotten two tattoos from this establishment, and I am planning on getting at least two more. It isn't just the artwork that makes this such a great place (although the talent is superb); it is the entire experience. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the entire studio is set up for your comfort. The day of your tattoo, the is likely to be a wait, but that is no problem- the waiting lounge has comfortable couches, TV, a huge DVD collection, video games, and free snacks and drinks! You can't rush quality, so sit back, relax, and soon enough it will be your turn to climb into the chair. I get comments and compliments all the time about my tattoos, both done by tattooist Hermit. The prices are more than fair, and oftentimes I feel that I'm not paying enough for the service rendered. If you are looking for a tattoo in Puerto Rico, this is the place to go.
Dave Osborn said 6 years ago
Looked like decent work. But at $120 an hour/$80 for a half hour? You'd better be a superstar artist. My artist back home is outstanding, and only charges $85 an hour. This place is highly overpriced.

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