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Albin Cardona said 4 years ago
Best university ever! Brace yourself!
Johny88888888 said 5 years ago
They have a terrible stuff for everything even the bank that is inside this college is terrible. Everything is outdated they haven't improved anything since the 90s. Servicio terrible todo el mundo te trata como un delincuente y como un bruto no vuelvo a entrar aqui.
Yarelis Gonzalez said 4 years ago
Best place overall. 💚
Dioshy Cruz said 5 years ago
I studied here a few years ago. It is a very competitive university, one of the bests in the Island and in the United States. Well known for their engineering school, their choir, and their marching band orchestra; tall have won multiple awards internationally. It's location is a plus. Tuition rates are ultra low, when compared with any university of their caliber in the entire continent. Dropped one star because they have a massive parking problem for years and they have not fixed it yet. It is an absolute adventure to get a parking space there, even at 7 am. I constantly come here to workout and do my cardio, since there are many challenging roads that you can take.
Jose Micheri said 5 years ago
Great local breakfast. The place can get very busy in the mornings

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