405 Hangar, Aguadilla Pueblo, Aguadilla 00604, Puerto Rico

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Rafael Hernández Airport

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Carlos Castillo
Great airport there is no rush like in San Juan airport. The only thing I must say is that they should expand it and offer more flight destinations. This airport has a lot more potential they really need to take advantage of this.
Maricelly Chauca
It's a great place. You don't feel rushed, but there should be an information booth with someone there to answer any questions you may have it's very important.
Christian Bourasseau
The best international airport in PR. The entire airport process take about 9 minutes. After that you are ready to board the plane. Friendly airport staff.
Stephanie Chan
When you really need someone to help and its empty, you bet you wont find anyone. It sucks. Otherwise great its not rushed. Small and efficient. Needs more flight destination and expansion. Closer to nature and better beaches!
jaime alvarez
It's hot it's beautiful people like caring and different say good morning at you how you doing can I help you you don't get that a New York I am not judging New York I live there but the environment is totally different you would enjoy this so much you would actually love to just stay

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