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Guardianes de María Langa is an island restoration, management, and protection effort. We are using a poison free pest control program and monitoring flora and fauna on and around María Langa. read more Four beaches are continuously monitored for sea turtle nesting activity. This is the only monitoring program of sea turtle nests in southern Puerto Rico. Nests are geo-referenced and signage is installed in high visitation areas. read more Various efforts are being made to help restore coral reef environments along the coasts of southwest Puerto Rico. We have underwater coral nurseries and various outplanting sites. Sites are monitored for progress over time. read more       We bring life back to the reef coastal habitats! Using our research and experience in coral propagation and habitat enhancement we have the capacity to design projects, obtain the applicable permits, implement restoration and monitor its effectiveness. We conduct biological assessments based on our extensive knowledge in marine and coastal environments, including the areas of taxonomy and ecology of coral reefs, seagrasses, sea turtles, fish, and algal species. We develop map products to interpret geospatial data in marine and coastal environments using the latest GPS and GIS mapping techniques. We provide training and educational material including written publications such as handouts, books, articles, photography, videos, multi-media presentations and much more.   María Langa is a small mangrove island off the coast of Peñuelas, on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. It is frequented by local anglers and tourists, because of its location, clear waters, sandy beach, and nearby reefs. However, the island in the past, had a problem with pest control. Guardianes de María Langa is an ongoing project to help restore, manage, and protect the island. We have established a poison-free rat eradication protocol, and continuously monitor the fauna and flora of María Langa. We have monitored coastal environments and created benthic habitat maps that help with the islands management efforts. Guardianes de María Langa also has an educational component to help manage the use of the island and garbage disposal. Hawksbill, green and leatherback sea turtles are all species threatened with extinction, which arrive to nest on the beaches of the Puerto Rican archipelago. Nesting has been documented on beaches from Mona Island in the west to Vieques and Culebra in the east, as well as the main island of Puerto Rico. After months of incubation, the eggs hatch and emerge from the sand towards the sea to embark on a long migration towards the Sargasso Sea. Our team currently monitors the nesting activity of sea turtles on the beaches and offshore keys of Guánica and Guayanilla on the south coast of Puerto Rico. Daytime patrols of four main nesting beaches are conducted in order to determine the number of nesting activities per species by examining the tracks the turtles leave behind. Each nest is geo-referenced so that later it can be revisited and provide an estimate of hatching success. With the goal of maintaining, expanding and planting coral nurseries to enhance local populations of corals we are using in-situ nursery techniques known as “Floating Underwater Coral Array” (FUCA). A number of these arrays are seeded with Acropora cervicornis (Staghorn coral) and Acropora palmata (Elkhorn coral), at Magarita and at Las Coronas reefs in Cabo Rojo. The project involves volunteer divers trained to install underwater arrays that have generated 3,264 coral colonies (2,686 Staghorn and 578 Elkhorn) in a three year period. This approach builds upon the natural, asexual reproduction by fragmentation and rapid growth of Acropora corals to produce colonies from small fragments . This project is funded by and .

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