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H&R Block in North York, ON

Richard Israilov said 3 years ago
Not only was I lied to about the price I would be charged, I didnt even get estimated close to what im suppose to be earning back. Very happy i didnt go through with filing my taxes with H&R, very unprofessional and sketchy.
Kun Nie said 3 years ago
Very poor service. Messed up appointment time and the staff there is a poor demonstrator. Price is not what I was told and I had to teach her what she had missed. Never go to this branch.
Colin Johnston said 3 years ago
Booked an appointment showed up and found your that didn't mean anything. Walk ins got in ahead of me. Apparently booking an appointment just means when you show up you just get the next available person even if walk in are ahead of you. They had no idea when was supposed to go where. Very frazzled and unprofessional.
Sam K. said 4 years ago
Horrible service. I've filed taxes with two of so-called tax professionals here, who have unprofessional demeanors and below-par customer service skills. Ladies, you don't work for the government nor are you auditors. You should be more respectful to your clients if you want to keep them. I don't recommend this particular branch at all.
kamran sanaee said 4 years ago
I would rate -5 Extremely unprofessional staff, waste of time and money. I waited over there for almost 2 hours when I had appointment , during this time 5 other customers came in and left and I finally left as well. Almost no service, I don't know how they dare to charge people, going there does not worth even for free.

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