18A Avenida Universidad Interamericana, San German, San Germán 00683, Puerto Rico

Adult Education School, Computers, University, Elementary School, Dental School




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Universidad interamericana - San Germán

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Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico - Recinto de San German - Inicio

Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico

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Ahmed Rivera said 4 years ago
The most beautiful campus in Puerto Rico. University atmosphere like no other. Awesome experience.
Señor Méndez said 5 years ago
The University as a place is a paradise. Come in close to sunset and hear the flocks of birds chirping and flying around.
Zaida De La Rosa said 4 years ago
The best place to study a professional career...
Hector R. Vazquez said 4 years ago
Miguel Galarza said 5 years ago

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