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Exonerated man released from prison after 33 years - 6 minutes ago
A former U.S. sailor was freed from prison in Virginia Friday, 33 years after he was convicted of murder and rape. New DNA tests show he was innocent all along. Keith Harward, now 60 years old, said he wishes his parents were alive to see him free.
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California getting much needed rain, but... - 8 minutes ago
Officials are calling the heavy rain and snow El Nino brought to California this winter a "miracle." But the drought-stricken state will need much more before its thirst is quenched. Ben Tracy has more.
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Suspect arrested in murder of UT-Austin freshman - 9 minutes ago
Seventeen-year-old Meechaiel Khalil Criner has been charged with murder in the death of University of Texas student Haruka Weiser. Weiser never returned to her dorm after leaving a building on campus on Sunday night. David Begnaud has more.
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John Dickerson with latest on possible GOP contested convention - 10 minutes ago
CBS News political director and anchor of "Face the Nation" John Dickerson provides some insight into the fight for delegates going on in the Republican party.
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Democrats walking back respective campaign gaffes - 11 minutes ago
While campaigning in New York, Bernie Sanders seemed to have a change of heart on his statement that Hillary Clinton is not "qualified" to be president. Meanwhile, Hillary's husband Bill had some explaining to do following a run-in with some Black Lives
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Republicans play the delegate game - 12 minutes ago
Donald Trump's poll numbers are falling, but his campaign feels he'll still have the delegates needed for an outright win of the Republican presidential nomination before this summer's convention. Ted Cruz is working hard to prevent that from happening.
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