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JumpStart Digital – More social, less traditional.

JSD is an experienced digital advertising agency that believes in addictive social media work. We design and connect digital ecosystems that build audiences, providing brands with access to the right people who will buy their products and amplify their message. FacebookWe’ve spent over 2 million dollars with Facebook for our diverse client portfolio, giving us a wide range of experience metrics. Facebook is hands down the best advertising channel in the world. Multi-Industry ExperienceWe’ve worked with clients in multiple industries such as; e-commerce, supermarkets, high street retail, consumer brands, logistics, insurance, publishers, real estate, online payments and politics. Mobile FirstWe are a mobile first agency that understands the device usage of today’s consumer. Discipline is required to really understand the UX and consumer mode of customers and potential customers. At JSD we love social media. We love the challenge of the fast moving channels that add new features every day to help target and re-target customers. For us, digital success is all about being open to new ways of serving content and solving business problems while keeping to the strategy of building an audience and giving them value in every post. We’re open and friendly people, always ready to jump on a call. Media Planning & BuyingPlanning the right media is a goal driven exercise. By identifying your goals we set out to plan media that delivers with real metrics. Every buy is optimized in real time and every result is measured. Our team has a wealth of experience in ROI management along with solid relationships in the digital space. Digital StrategyA large chunk of companies execute tactics and do them do it without a strategy that meets business goals. “What is your goal?” is the best question to ask any company that is doing digital. Even some of the biggest companies and brands in the world need to ask themselves this question. It is the first question asked to you by JSD. Social Media ManagementEveryone ‘does’ social media these days but very few brands are disciplined enough to keep to a strategic vision. It is easy to get caught up in Facebook engagement and lose sight of moving your business and brand forward. Our approach demands a social media strategy and our managers report on measurables, not entertainment. DesignEvery year the internet gets a little more beautiful. Photos have more color, better definition and a smoother scroll. Video is a higher definition and band widths are catching up with display technology. With mobile being the primary device on almost all social media channels, JSD is committed to publishing the sharpest and most engaging mobile design it can. Metrics & AnalyticsThere is a ton of data available from digital marketing both stored and in real time. If you report on every data point you can easily find yourself swimming in an ocean of numbers, far from the shore. Data serves insights and insights reveal strategy. Our aim is to report on data points that allow us to draw insights that will change the way we plan digital. You probably have more useful data than you know. DevelopmentJSD’s process for development attacks the brief with a strategic led UX first approach. We produce responsive websites that captivate the audience across all devices and always provide real value to the user. We develop as a final stage and provide concepts that can be executed without delay including full connectivity to other digital channels such as email and social media. “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen”. Ernest Hemingway “ Ben & Bryan are definitely the most advanced Facebook Marketers in Puerto Rico.“ Leave it to the experts. Reaching a niche market seemed impossible but JumpStart made it happen. Here’s a look through the Facebook fan pages, responsive websites, and Instagram accounts we run. Leave your name and email so we can get connected. We prefer to work with large international brands but love to help SME’s and start-ups where it makes sense for both parties. Either way let’s start communicating and see where it takes us. Address: 1418 Ave. Ponce de Leon Suite 101 San Juan, PR 00907 Email: jump@jumpstartdig.com

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