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It has been a great experience to work with Mardel Distributors. They offer excellent content that helps you promote your business. Great service synchronizing digital platforms as well. Our views and digital media presence increased significantly. I highly recommend this resource.
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Urban Tribe said 4 years ago

Justice Department files civil lawsuit against Roger Stone over unpaid taxes

www.cnn.com - 15 minutes ago
The Justice Department filed a civil lawsuit against former President Donald Trump's ally Roger Stone on Friday, accusing him and his wife of owing nearly $2 million in unpaid taxes.
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Vartan Gregorian, genial savior of the New York Public Library, dead at 87

nypost.com - 31 minutes ago
Vartan Gregorian, a philanthropist and scholar widely credited with saving a down-on-its heels New York Public Library system in the 1980s, died Thursday in Manhattan after being hospitalized for stomach pain. He was 87. Gregorian was a former president o
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Siblings seek to honor dad by adding his made-up word to dictionary

www.cbsnews.com - 33 minutes ago
A brother and sister are trying to get "orbisculate" added to the dictionary to honor their late father, who made up the word.
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Pregnant British Women to Get Covid Vaccines

www.nytimes.com - 33 minutes ago
Early in the pandemic, Britain had recommended against vaccines for pregnant women, citing a lack of research on side effects.
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Puerto Rico's debt crisis worsens; Carnival Cruise Line docks in Cuba; Starbucks sued over ice in its drinks

www.cbsnews.com - 35 minutes ago
Puerto Rico's debt crisis worsens; Carnival Cruise Line docks in Cuba; Starbucks sued over ice in its drinks. These and other headlines from CBS MoneyWatch.
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Surge in COVID cases tied to spread of U.K. variant

www.cbsnews.com - 35 minutes ago
COVID-19 variants are fueling a rise in cases in the U.S. Mola Lenghi shares more details.
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