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Serbinski Accounting, International Accountants, US and Canadian Tax Preparation

Serbinski Accounting is your international tax accountant with expertise in US Canada tax preparation and cross border taxation issues.

Dan Turner said 3 years ago
Extremely knowledgeable and excellent customer service. Happy to help you with all your tax questions. They make tax season simple year after year.
Matt Moore said 3 years ago
I needed US and Canadian taxes done this year as I just moved to the US. Serbinsky took care of both of these taxes plus the FBARs and 216s for me for a very reasonable price. Once complete they sent the paper returns (can't E-FILE this time around) pre-collated and marked where to sign with 2 envelopes pre-addressed to IRS and CRA. All I had to do was sign and put into envelope and drop in the mail. So easy.
Lulu Lupo said 5 years ago
I wasn't going to do a review because I do not want to think about this company NEVER again in my whole life. There are so many wrong things that I do not even know where to start from, but if there could be any negative starts I'd have given them all the negative starts possible. Here it goes... This year I had to deal with cross border taxes, I contacted them because apparently they were going to solve all my problems, and they were the experts. BU*****T! This is how pissed off I am. First, They will over charge your credit card without any notification, any invoice, they will charge you and then tell you that that charge was for the work being done. Second, I you ask them for advice they will make you do all things possible so that they get to work on any tax return the IRS wants. Third, if you email them showing some kind of concern because you are being charge without notice, and because you notice that they are doing something wrong.. They just will never reply back. They basically take your money, give you some papers, and you deal with the rest. Fourth, I had to deal with at least 4 different people, all asking me the same questions over and over again. None of them knew my case, and they have no idea what needed to be done. Fifth, I am self-employed, and The fines from IRS and CRA were so high that I actually went through all the papers they send for the tax return (they spend half your money on paper probably), US and Canadian, plus my corporation taxes, plus all the papers from IRS and CRA. I found out that they just did EVERYTHING wrong, my whole tax return was WRONG. Could you imagine my frustration? I ended up having to go to another accountant, and this one will have to do all my tax return from the beginning to try to fix the mess, because it is a huge mess. Finally, At the end of all the mess, I ended up paying them about 15% of my net income (before paying any taxes, about 15k), and then from what was left of the money I had to pay taxes plus all fines, because Serbinski Partners cannot deliver your tax return done ON TIME. Basically, almost all the money I managed to safe throughout the year was gone. This has been the worst professional I have ever dealt with.
Nikolai Bratkovski said 5 years ago
The worst professional I've ever dealt with - spent a lot of time going in circles trying to come up with solution in cross-border taxation scenario, arrived at nothing and drastically over billed charging credit card without issuing a statement. He claimed he was doing research for all those hours that he over billed for, whereas clearly there was no research done, since he was trying to figure out a solution right in the conversation during the meeting. Once asked to address overcharges, he stopped responding.