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Drakov I said 4 years ago
I used them 3 times before and everyone in this location was just amazing. However this year, 2015, I went there and after waiting for someone "able to do my taxes" I decided I wasn't gonna do them with that guy after all. Why? He kept asking me about filing taxes as if he was paying me, he didn't seem to know what could be deducted and what couldn't be deducted, after 20 minutes of him trying to figure out what to do, he called an associate for help, the associate didn't know neither. After that I cancelled the process and asked for the lady who helped me last year, she's in another location but I'd rather go there than stay with that guy on the Shutter location. Many of H&R agents are great, they should keep hiring only those ones who are really good.
Greg Moore said 6 years ago
Worst tax experience of my life! I've used h&r block before and had a great experience in the past. however at this location we had to wait for there "senior tax expert" because my return was too complicated ( I had rental income, not that complicated) after waiting a further 1.5 hours we found this "expert" very uninformed and could do little more then plug numbers into her computer not understanding what she was really doing. she fumbled with us for almost two hours and when we continued to ask questions about our taxes she finally asked her manager for help. Her manager found a mistake right away that could have cost us $500 if we weren't insistent on her correction it. our confidence was shattered and we grabbed all our receipts and left. I will never go to any H&R block again because anyone with basic knowledge of filing taxes could do a better job then them. Save your money and efile or hire a real professional, not a franchise that pays minimum wage to unqualified people to fumble through your taxes.
laveropolis said 5 years ago
Great service and friendly staff! I know nothing of taxes and had a few years to file. Kirby was super helpful and answered all my questions without frustration and told me the least expensive way to file. Will be back!
Nick Cangialosi said 6 years ago
Same thing with me, Greg Moore... I waited patiently for 2 hours till the women told me I had to wait another 45 min before seeing someone because the person I was supposed to see was "too junior". I left telling them that they need to get themselves organized. What really kills be tho, there was only one person before me when I 1st arrived. Worst Tax experience ever!!!

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