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El Yunque National Forest - El Portal Visitor Center

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Adbeel Quiles said 5 years ago
This is such a beautiful spot. There is alot to see and do so plan ahead. go to the visitors spot to see the movie and then the information desk will show you were to go to take great pictures or where to take a swim.. it's heaven.
Thomas Oren said 5 years ago
Was cool to go to, but completely unnecessary. We had way more fun at the stops after the portal. Visitors center is a really cool building and the gift shop was very nice.
Carlos Estevez said 5 years ago
We had a beautiful day. Visited the discovery center, reached the short documentary about the area, including ecology and importance for the island historically and today. The bikes are well marked and mostly safe, just be careful with slippery areas because it rains a lot here. The price of your effort reaching the Yunque rock peak is a fresh breeze and the views from the very top. Knock yourself out making your panoramic photos with your camera and imprinted on your brain forever. Enjoy the views from the Britton (with a short hike) and Yokahu (right from your vehicle) towers also beautiful views and fresh breeze. Dare to plunge, gently, into "la Mina" falls. The hike is beautiful, through the rainy Forrest. Stop to listen to the running water, the Coqui frogs, the birds, the parrots (if you're lucky) and smell the nature that surrounds you. This is, for sure, one of my favorite parks in the US.
J Collier said 5 years ago
It's beautiful. Nature at its finest. Go early in the day to support the shops that are open.
Cynthia Yelton said 5 years ago
Wonderful trip through Holland America with tour co-op. Our guide was Nelson.

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