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Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer | Rincon Images | Artistic Wedding Photography

Rincon Images provides unique, world class wedding photography in Puerto Rico. Artistic & dramatic Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer.

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Ken Floss said 5 years ago
Working with Rincon Images, Frances and Greg, was a real delight. I found them as I was planning a surprise vow renewal ceremony for my wife and I. Keeping something like that a surprise requires great planning, details and discretion. Additionally, I wanted to be sure that we were able to capture my wife's emotion and surprise when it all came together. Things went off without a hitch. Frances and Greg offered great advice and were careful to ensure the surprise. Not only did they capture the moment, but they were fun to work with and produced results that are second to none. As a family, we've talked about using Rincon Images in the future for our kids senior pictures and their weddings. Keep in mind, we live in Ohio, but as you may also know, finding a great photographer isn't easy, once you do, there's no sense in looking for another. Rincon Images, Frances and Greg, are true professionals. I'll definitely use them in the future!
Rae Bonnell said 5 years ago
Outstanding job!! We were beyond pleased. Frances and Greg photographed our vacation rental home and the results were spectacular! They captured the true feel of our home both inside and out. They have a great eye for the little details that make a good picture, a great picture. Frances and Greg were professional, offered advice and were just a pleasure to work with. We recommend them to anyone wanting beautiful, first class photos!!
Aja Baker said 5 years ago
Rincon Photography was amazing!! From the moment they arrived, they felt like an invaluable part of our special day. The wedding pictures turned out amazing. We are so happy they were our photographers.
Lisa Morton said 5 years ago
Frances and Greg ended up being part of our whole family and friends group while we were in Rincon/ Parguera for our wedding. They are such GREAT photographers, but more than that artists. Every picture they take always has a thought, or meaning behind it, and they capture the most perfect -natural- moments. They are extremely professional - so much so - that during our wedding day, we had to tell them to take a break and eat. That was around 10pm that evening - they had been at our villas since 1pm that day!!! We had such a great time with them, and I would recommend them to EVERYONE!!! The teaser pictures they sent to us were AMAZING!! Again - capturing every natural moment...just beautiful! The pictures from our snorkeling in Parguera were breathtakingly beautiful. They had underwater photos that I never expected them to do. I could go on and on and on about how great they are. When we go back to visit Rincon, I will definitely use them if we need and photography - or maybe just to have dinner - because that is the way they make you feel - like instant friends or family!! THANK YOU AGAIN FRANCES AND GREG!!!!
John Oakey said 5 years ago
Generous, versatile, great listeners, artists, Frances and Greg are a great team that weren't just our wedding photographers but a wonderful component of our wedding. They took time to set up a Skype call well in advance to get to know us and what we were looking for. Out of that conversation came an adventurous sunrise photoshoot the day before our wedding. We are a quirky and self- conscious couple but they put us at ease and revelled in our silliness. They were so unassuming and flexible during the ceremony putting in tons more time than was agreed upon. As they put together the album we got lots of sneak peeks and less than two months later we received all our gorgeous photos free to download Unwatermarked for anyone we send the link to as well as a personal flash drive. Their photos of us capture who we are because Frances and Greg took time to know us. Their images cover all the emotions of our wedding, from dramatic and profound black and whites to hilarious, joyful candid shots of our friends. They are true artists, and have done something very special for us.

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