Km. 2.6, PR-200, Vieques, 00765, Puerto Rico

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Antonio Rivera Rodríguez Airport

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Peter Beliakov said 5 years ago
Simple Easy no Stress - Stop by the bar outside and grab the dumplings and a beer!
Jon Tate said 7 years ago
Great little airport. Easy to land and take off. The little bar to the left as you enter is a great place for a drink. Avis will bring your rental if you call as soon as you land.
Nancy Seng said 7 years ago
W hotel lounge is on the left as soon as you exit. Small intimate airport. They'll call looking for you at the bar if you don't show up in time for boarding.
Mihir Meghani said 6 years ago
Nice small airport. They have food concession right there with vegetarian options.
Colin Stuart said 10 years ago
Small airports are quick and easy, too bad the pilots always show up late. Also don't expect to relax too much, the security guard won't allow you to recline much, even if the whole place is empty. Posture police??

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