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Please use this 2016 Personal Income Tax Checklist to provide us with all relevant information to maximize your tax savings.... Do you own one or more properties or rent a portion of your home?... Are you self-employed or member of a partnership?... Quarterly Dividend - Newsletters 2017... Quarterly Dividend - Newsletters 2016... Quarterly Dividend - Newsletters 2015... Quarterly Dividend - Newsletters 2014... Quarterly Dividend - Newsletters 2013... Quarterly Dividend - Newsletters 2012... ... Do you need a government mailing address?... Just about any financial or investment transaction can now be carried out online, and many Canadians conduct most or all of their financial affairs in an online environment, whether through their fina... As the days shorten and temperatures drop into the single digits, the thoughts of many Canadians turn to the idea of spending at least some part of the upcoming Canadian winter somewhere much warmer &... It has been nearly a decade now since the mortgage lending debacle in the United States caused a meltdown in real estate markets, which led in turn to a general crisis in the financial markets and eve... The fiscal cycle of the federal government follows a predictable annual path. Each spring, the Minister of Finance brings down a budget outlining the government’s revenues and expenditures and i... The baby boom generation, which is now in or near retirement, has always been able to factor receiving Old Age Security benefits, once they turn 65, into their retirement income plans. While receipt o... The fact that Canadian households are carrying a significant amount of debt — in fact, debt loads which seem to continually set new records — isn’t really news anymore. For several y... For most Canadians, having to pay for legal services is an infrequent occurrence, and most Canadians would like to keep it that way. In many instances, the need to seek out and obtain legal services (... News about another successful cyberattack, on government or on a private company, in a single country or worldwide, is now almost routine. What such events usually have in common is a desire by the ha... The end of summer means back to school for students of all ages. For parents of elementary and secondary school students the focus is on obtaining back to school clothes and supplies and starting the ... Although they aren’t usually thought of in such terms, Canadian charities, as measured by the amount of money they receive and administer, can be big businesses. However, because they collect an... Most Canadians approaching retirement know that they will be able to receive retirement income from the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security programs. Many, however, are unaware that there is a th... The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) doesn’t publish information or statistics on the number of individual taxpayers who owe it money in the form of back taxes, interest, or penalties. Nonetheless, i... Two quarterly newsletters have been added—one dealing with personal issues, and one dealing with corporate issues.... Sometime around the middle of August, millions of Canadians will receive unexpected mail from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and that mail will contain unfamiliar and unwelcome news. Specifically, t... The traditional idea of retirement – working full-time until age 65 and then leaving the workforce completely to live on government-sponsored and private sources of retirement income – has... While Canadians typically think of taxes only in the spring when the annual return must be filed, taxes are a year-round business for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The CRA is busy processing and is... The Bank of Canada’s recent decision to raise interest rates generated a lot of media attention, for the most part because while the increase itself was only one quarter of a percentage point, i... Two quarterly newsletters have been added—one dealing with personal issues, and one dealing with corporate issues.... Newsletters Neamtan & Associates CPA Professional Corporation, is a North York CPA firm providing high level accounting, financial, taxation and business advisory services including tax minimization and tax deferral strategies, tax return preparation, estate planning, financial planning and accounting and assurance services. Our clients include self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, owner-managed businesses, new businesses and startups, proprietorships, partnerships, joint ventures, trusts and corporations in the North York, Thornhill, Markham, Scarborough Toronto and GTA area. We offer personalized services in all areas of accounting, financial and income taxation, both corporate and personal to assist you. Our clients include: Professionals                                         Chiropractors                                         Doctors                                         Dentists                                         Engineers                                         Lawyers                                         Medical Practitioners                                         Professional Corporations Construction Investment professionals and advisors                                        Stock brokers                                        Financial planners                                        Day traders                                        Investment advisors                                        Insurance agents Investment companies Real Estate Consultants                                        Technical service providers                                         IT service providers                                         Computer IT professionals  Marketing and commercial services Manufacturers Importers and exporters Online Retailers Wholesalers/ Distributors   While browsing through our Website, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have - we'd love to hear from you. We pride ourselves on being proactive and responsive to our clients' inquiries and suggestions.   File Share