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Jose A. Montalvo said 5 years ago
Seafood restaurant in the historic Ponce waterfront. Service is iffy, food is ok.
Edgardo Robles said 5 years ago
Exelent Sea Food and service
J Sal said 5 years ago
Food was great, service was slow, and it was pricey for what we ordered. Only thing that sets this place apart from any other is its location on the water.
Jabari Winters said 5 years ago
My experience was the worst . I and my fiance came in on a Thursday evening and we had to look around for a waitress and eventually had to seat oursleves. Not a real problem,we ordered Arroz y frijoles 2 no meat mofongos and a small fish soup...50 minutes later we received one meat mofongo and the rest of the food was room temperature.. we had to ask again and 25 min later we got what we ordered. The waitress I believe her name is Maria then ignored us for the rest of the time. . We asked for our check and waited another 15 to 20 min until we walked to the front counter to find her on her cellular phone,after a little attitude we were charged full price including an added tip even for the wrong order.. we hesitantly paid and she put 2 dollars in change on the counter for us to pick up even with our hand out.. and to make it even better both her and a male waiter made jokes for me not wanting a plastic bag for my box of leftovers (save the environment sarcastically they said). We deeply regretted being polite. Hands down do not go here expecting even decent service
Yolany Melgarejo said 5 years ago
Un servicio de lo peor! Food was cold and 45-50 mins late. At the end the waitresses even said a disrespectful comment about my fiancé not eating meat. When I paid she literally threw the cash on the counter. She gave me coins in return! nunca jamás y no se lo recomiendo a nadie. Hasta en Panamá dan mejor servicio al turista

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