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adrian cabrero said 4 years ago
Delicious cuisine. So happy I found this place. Fresh cooked food and very welcoming staff. Definitely give this place a try if you are tired of the typical island fried food.
William Brandt said 5 years ago
Excellent. I was at first taken back by the rustic atmosphere, there is no fancy furniture or other amenities, the inside of the restaurant is very basic. No Air conditioning. What we did experience was an amazing meal, easily the best food we had on our vacation in P.R. The menu changes daily, I appreciate that they strive to use local ingredients and in season produce. The menu consists of only a few choices daily, but the meals we had were simple, expertly prepared, and neatly presented. We had a wonderful pork roast with an amazing glaze and mashed chickpeas, very tasty tacos with loads of fresh crunch from kale, sprouts, etc., and an amazing salad with gobs of cheese and a refreshing honey/oil dressing. Highly recommend this restaurant.
Joel Vazquez said 5 years ago
Great atmosphere with good local food. The menu items are seasonal, so although there might always be pork on the menu, which I had and was sous vide to perfection over 24 hours, the sauces and the sides may vary. Prices range with apps starting at $9 and mains starting at $20, but the portions are great. They're also BYOB and often do mash ups with other local eats, I recommend going with a group of friends just so that everyone orders something different and can share with each other.
Liz Terry said 4 years ago
The restaurant is byob. The food is excellent.
François Michonneau said 5 years ago
Wonderfully assembled flavors in dishes that use locally sourced ingredients when possible. Wilson knows how to cook vegetables to perfection and use the right spices to make them stand out. The menu changes often and the atmosphere is cozy. You won't regret eating there!

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