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Dominique Vincent said 5 years ago
The staff at Kai are friendly and welcoming. Wally was very accommodating!! He even let me sample a dish before I ordered it and made great recommendations. You should definitely check it out.
Michael Sloan said 4 years ago
Wasn't a busy night by any means. Took our food an hour to come out after having waited 15 minutes to order. There are better places to eat in the area.
Jose Rivera said 4 years ago
This is a review from lots of visits to this place. Their food is really good (mofongo, skirt steak and chicken stuffed with plantains and chesse) however their service not. You often have to call them for more beer, napkins, etc since their do not pay attention. If you are going for drinks only then you may not have any issues. They have good live music during the weekends. Music is often very loud, if you are eating while the bands are playing it may be uncomfortable.
Kenny Guzman said 4 years ago
Terrible Service: No waiter came to greet us. We had to seat ourselves at a dirty table and finally asked the waiter for a menu after 15 minutes. A second waiter took our order at which point he mentioned it takes an HOUR for the food to be prepared. We left immediately. As a side note, the bathroom was detestable; no hand soap no hand towels and dirty.
RaZ Miami said 4 years ago
Buyer/Foodie Beware. My experience is not only on one occasion but several where the service is slow and the food came out cold or unpalatable. This may not be the case on slow day, so if the place is packed beware.

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