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Cloe D said 4 years ago
We had a great experience with Isla Verde Realty ! We just came back from PR and our 1 bedroom apartment was PERFECT and COMPLETELY remodeled and with breathtaking views from the 12th floor! We will be back for sure! Susana D. 04/15/2017
Raul El Cano said 5 years ago
Hello! As much as we (family) love spending vacations in Puerto Rico we must state doing business with ISLA VERDE REALTY was a really bad experience / idea. We prepaid for a 2 bedroom apt w Ocean view for 6 days splitted into 2 weekends.The 1st W.E. they had no apt for us so we were placed into a 3 BR w a fIlthy bath & smelly sheets and bed covers. A huge hotel blocked most of our view and had loud music till late in the night. Cable TV never worked even though Mr Jorge Beardsley (Mgr) came to check it twice but never made an effort to call the repairmen. On the 2nd W.E. AGAIN, Mr Beardsley did NOT have the proper accommodations ready for us. He only had a 2 bedroom- BUT WE WERE NO ALLOWED TO USE THE 2ND B Rm. because Its owner kept it off limits from renters. I complained but Mr Beardsley had NO other options. We had to accept because we were very tired from driving around the island. We literally had NO CHOICE. My 2 kids had to sleep in a sofa bed. The entire wall & sliding door facing the beach were glass BUT THERE WERE NO CURTAINS. The sun came up at 6 AM and hit them right on their faces. Worst of all, later on that evening we found out the a/c WAS NOT WORKING.. and we had no way of getting a hold of Mr Beardsley. He also told me to see him in an hour to pick up the main gate's remote control yet he dissapeared and we did not seen him until Monday morning.He kept a sign at Isla Verde Realty office's front door that read: "Be back in 15 minutes" He assigned us parking space #101 but it has been taken and the other vehicle was still there after we left on Monday. The bldg security guards had to open the main entrance gate as well as the underground gate in order for us to park our vehicle. Every security guard But, what really made us very upset was Mr Beardsley arrogance and bad customer service. I waited in front of his office..he arrived at 9:15 AM. I explained everything that had happened and his reply was: "I DO NOT MAKE ANY DECISIONS IN THE MORNING UNTIL I HAVE HAD MY MORNING BREAKFAST AND COFFEE" Really? I confronted him and told him that was not acceptable and he gave me nothing but cheap excuses. He never addressed the issues and / or apologized to us.I pressured him and reluctantly he reimbursed us $200.00. Needless to say, ISLA VERDE REALTY WILL NEVER BE IN OUR PLANS..AND WE WILL TELL EVERY FRIEND OR PERSON WITH PLANS TO COME TO PUERTO RICO.
Kenwon Jones said 5 years ago
Vivian Norrell said 5 years ago

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