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Victor Tan said 4 years ago
Lived here for more than a couple of years a while back and visited back a handful of times after moving out. I cannot really comment on what the current management/staff is like but can say a few things that might be helpful. The exterior/grass/hedges used to be cleaner and better taken care of a few years ago than recently. That is something I am certain of. You can take that as an indicator or not. Secondly, expect renewals to hurt in the wallet. They never offered a lease any longer than 18 months so it was difficult to plan your expenses with any predictability if your time horizon was longer than that. The end result is that there is A LOT of tenants moving out after the lease ends and with their system, this is entirely acceptable. Third, take pictures of EVERYTHING in the kitchen or electrical or shelving or windows or blinds at the beginning of your stay and email it to their staff and keep a copy. Why? They classified much of regular wear and tear or preexisting conditions (e.g. stains or fading) as my damaging it until I fought and got some concessions from them. You're tired after moving out and are tempted to just pay them a few hundred to not to have to fight with them. Just forward the original email with the pictures from the start of your lease and remind them of the flaws you found. You need to be defensive when dealing with them.
Tammy Campbell said 5 years ago
I have lived here for almost 6 months now and I love it here. The apartment is perfect for me and the garage is spacious. I am lucky that I have good neighbors. Unfortunately, I do see evidence of people who have no respect for the property and don't feel they have to abide by the rules -- like not picking up after their dogs or bringing shopping carts from the nearby shopping center and pushing them into the bushes or leaving them instead of taking them back. It's sad that there are people who are so inconsiderate. As for management and the staff, I am satisfied.
Mary Ashburn said 5 years ago
I agree with all of the negative reviews I have just read -- Staff Rudeness and Attitudes galore! This is exactly my opinion since I have lived here. There is so much dog waste everywhere, that I called Animal Control Services and they immediately came; they will give out Summons if offenders are identified. The so-called Manager does not respond to the messages I leave for her. They have someone picking up the dog waste, but there is far too much for this person to keep up with ..... and it is not even their job! Never saw the so-called Manager walking the Property and speaking with the Residents, as I have ALWAYS encountered in other Properties I lived on. If she did, she might really see what a mess this place is. Fix the Property POT HOLES in front of the back gate; they are getting deeper and wider. People do not see them until they are driving through them, and throwing their alignment out every time they pass through. The rents are exorbitant, and what I was just told by several people who were moving out, the rents go even HIGHER when your lease comes up for renewal. So, all the "shell-game" First Lease "SPECIALS", they give you when you move in are completely eliminated when you start paying on your Second lease.
Script Kitten said 5 years ago
Everyone in the front office is rude and condescending.. When the Property Management says that they would like to inspect your apartment; they do not give a set time. This means that you will be sitting around all day from 8am-6pm waiting for the property manager Jennifer to decide to finally show up. This is extremely unprofessional and rude. I understand that the property management has important things to do; but so do I. I called the leasing office several times asking politely when they would be able to do the inspection and I was repeatedly brushed off. If you are considering renting; I would suggest that there are numerous apartment complexes in the area and to shop around to a more professional place. Read the other reviews on this property and you will understand that they are not a very professional business.
Pax Morse said 5 years ago
Horrible customer service, when you see individuals you should acknowledge there presence, and say I will be right with you. The Indian or Pakistan chick was rude and univiting. The guy told me to be there at 4pm to tour an apartment 20 min later still sitting here, and haven't seen anything. This place needs new staff immediately.

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