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Culebra is an arid island, having no rivers or streams. She gets her water from Puerto Rico via Vieques. Because of the lack of run-off from streams and rivers, Culebra boasts crystal clear waters with sixty feet of visibility on a bad day. Culebra is an island municipality under the domain of Puerto Rico, which has been under the protection  of the United States, since its annexation from Spain in 1898. In 1909 the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge was established. The refuge takes in over one thousand four hundred acres of land and is well known both as a nesting area for numerous seabirds, as well as the endangered leatherback turtle and Culebra giant anole. We provide a fleet of top quality vehicles. At our locations we stock the latest  models of Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Liberty, and Dodge Caravans. For rural cruising we also have 4 and 6 passenger golf carts. For heavy duty jobs we have the F-150. All this with excellent service and a smile. Visit our to take a look at the options!

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mar pol said 4 years ago
Price was what was expected (reasonable). Staff was very nice, professional and prompt. The business itself is clean and updated very nicely. This place was recommended to me and I would recommend it to other.
Yolanda McAuliff said 4 years ago
From start to finish, we had a great experience. Even after we had to reschedule our reservation due to no available ferry tickets, they were very accommodating. They picked us up at the ferry, and I was driving off the lot five minutes later. Returning was just as easy, and they dropped us off at the ferry terminal. The golf cart was very easy to drive, especially getting around the narrow streets in the city. No problems, either, on the hilly terrain driving from beach to beach. Jorge was very helpful to us when we returned the golf cart - Muchas Gracias!
Shawn Wilson said 4 years ago
Smooth process, nice people and very convenient. We might try a golf cart next time to get around the downtown easier.
E Hewitt said 4 years ago
Great Company only way to go on Culebra! Carlos has a great fleet! Super convenient location at the airport! You will be happy you booked with them!
Leeta Law said 4 years ago
Fast service. They are waiting for you when the ferry arrives and move you over as fast as possible in either the shuttle, van or golf cart. They definitely try to work fast at moving people along so you don't waste time waiting. Rented a jeep and 2 car seats because they didn't want us renting a golf cart and holding the kids which was understandable. The jeep was in excellent shape and had low miles on it. Definitely opt for a pre fuel option since getting gas can be a waste of time. They also provide shuttle service back to the ferry as well. There are many mosquitos on the island so if getting eaten alive a concern then get a jeep instead of a golf cart!

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