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Helena Antoun said 5 years ago
I'm not familiar with the dynamics of this store. But what I thought would be a quick pick up for a computer my father took there for fixing was going to turn into a 1hr and 15 min wait. Seriously??? The lady graciously explained there were many others waiting to pick up their equipment and each person is given a full explanation and demonstration on what was done. Ok, fine. But I don't have time for that. In the end, they brought out my dad's computer in 10 min, friendly demeanor and smiles gone even though I said I'd come back some other time. I get that Microsoft is trying to optimize customer support, but our time is just as important. Maybe they have scheduled pick ups? Dunno. But next time I need to do a pick up there, that will be the 1st thing I'll ask for.
Dlp Gaming said 4 years ago
It's a good place for electronic Devices
Danilo Gonzalez said 5 years ago
This has been my favorite store for the last few years, I have stocked my life with their Surface 2,4 and Book) and Xbox 360, Xbox one . But today everything changed, I tried getting service for a device and every employee told me a different price, everytime going up, later two employees were passive agresively shaming me for not buying the extended warranty. I felt like a looser for buying the surface after such bad in store service
shah jalal said 6 years ago
Jean C Rivera said 4 years ago
Really friendly staff and always available to help you on your purchases Also very friendly to artists that visit, they take pictures and video of me when I'm drawing there and take the moment to explain to watchers how their products can be a perfect tool for designers and artists alike! --- Empleados muy amigables y siempre disponibles para cuando vayas a hacer una compra También son bien amigables con artistas que visitan, toman fotos y video cuando yo estoy ahí dibujando y aprovechan el momento para explicarles a los que estan viendo que sus productos son una buena herramienta para diseñadores y artistas!

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