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Art of Embracing Life, Inc.

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Scott Holtzman said 7 years ago
I am writing a review of the Holographic Alignment Specialist Training with Franka Fiala in November 2014. I am extremely pleased with the content of the training, the attention I received and the exercises used during the training that allowed me to integrate what I was learning into my life. One of the most meaningful benefits I received during the training is how to step more fully into my own power in creating my life and how to be aware of recognize the ways in which my thoughts work and how I can choose the thoughts I work with. This became a VERY tangible reality for me during the training and sticks with me still. Another of the great benefits I received, related to recognizing my own power, is how to see/percieve way beyond that which I could currently see/percieve. I know see/percieve the universe more fully as it is with less and less fear and judgement. Being able to see more fully and clearly has lead to a more joyful experience of living and is still revealing amazing things to me as I continue to practice the teachings laid forth in the training. The content of the training was a great blend of theory and practice, which allowed to me integrate what I learned more easily and fluidly. One of the other students mentioned early on how this training was really like a training in life, and I can't agree with her more. It was a training in how to live a more fully developed and fulfilled life. And yet, it was much, much more as well. I feel fully equipped to go into the world and offer Holographic Alignment as a professional practice. As for Franka herself, words cannot convey the amount of unconditional love and energy that she offered in guiding us. However, I will say that often times the training went deep into the night as we sat around and chatted after official class hours, with Franka still guiding us. I don't know if I can recall ever seeing someone offer themselves so fully to a group of students. Franka hid nothing and exemplified how the practice is her life and her life is the practice. Although she was guiding us through the teachings, Franka never conveyed an attitude of superiority or acting like she knew when she didn't. Through her actions she taught me immensely in how to give of myself, selflessly and with humility.
Sheena W said 7 years ago
I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and attending the "Art of Multidimensional Alignment" workshop with Franka and it gave me an entirely new perspective on how to live my life. As a 25-year-old struggling through a time of immense growth, Franka entered my life at the perfect time. Really no words can explain the power of being in the presence of an individual that vibrates at such a high level. I felt it instantly. The tools I learned in the workshop to accept in my life the things that I desire, will forever stay with me. I have used these tools everyday since, and I am already noticing improvement in my well-being. My roommates have noticed a significant difference in my behavior as well. I would strongly recommend attending any workshop or training from this extremely gifted, sweet, caring woman. I guarantee no matter what age or place you are in in your life, you will gain knowledge that we all have the ability to access, but which many have forgotten how. This life is all about love and kindness. I will forever continue to positively improve from my experience with Franka.
Nancy Wheeler said 7 years ago
Words do little to describe training and knowing Franka. She is the most loving, genuine, joyous and authentic person I have ever met. She is articulate, intelligent, wise, intuitive and so much more. She openly and generously shares her unconditionally loving self. Both my daughter and I felt our vibrations lifted just being in her presence. I experienced her as a true Shaman, a master teacher, guided by nonphysical frequencies and intuition. In the “Art of Multidimensional Alighnment” I received the awakening of ancient knowledge and exercises that “tuned” me to heightened awareness and sense of well-being. I was even able to validate the skills I learned on my plane trip home when a woman had a panic attack and choose to change her seat to be next to me. I naturally and easily raised my vibration level and “exterioralized” (you will need to take her seminar to understand!), creating an amazing loving connection of healing. The next day workshop, “Holographic Alignment Group Cellular Cleanse,” is again difficult to describe in words. Franka’s ability to work individually in a group of people demonstrated her gift as she and her “assistants” processed our blockages and what I would call cleaning out holographic cellular “dirt". Like the most technologically advanced high power "sponge" she extracts the "dirt" through her body. She knew exactly when to communicate and attend to each person in the group. As a result, I have experienced, and continue to experience, a lightness, more love and a “high” that is beyond any drug available on earth! She gave us exercises and tools to continue the process which has helped me feel happier, more joyous and back to a state of love I have come to remember from a very long time ago. Her work is definitely making planet earth and beyond a better universe in which to live. Thank you Franka!!!
Alberto Rodriguez said 7 years ago
My experience with my therapy conducted by Franka Fiala was amazing. She really helped me change my life. I was there for 23 days, and every day was a blessing. Of course, there were challenges that had to be faced, but together, Franka and I overcame those challenges. She is a gifted individual, and I trust her so much. Without a doubt, she is definitely one of the best healers out there. I would recommend her to anyone for self improvement. Franka has the best memory, and is always on time. She has yet to miss any appointments with me, and she always remembers everything I have said, regardless of time. She sees different than others, on a higher scale, and she is truly magnificent. I am glad to have met Franka, and truly recommend Art of Embracing Life to anyone trying to better themselves. Alberto Rodriguez
A Google User said 11 years ago
I luckily found Franka Fiala and her retreat through the NYC based hypnotherapist Jeffrey Rose after searching the internet for months in spring 2010, to find a quality hypnotherapy education and certification. He told me he would put me in touch with one of the best and I knew that the words coming from such a reputable and well known hypnotherapist, I could trust. Meeting and getting to know Franka went beyond my expectations, not just because she was an amazingly intelligent, intuitive and gifted hypnotherapist and teacher, but due to the positive and growthinducing impact she had on everyone in her surroundings. My personal connection with her was immediate and can truly say that Franka Fiala is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met. There are many gifted hypnotherapists and therapists in general in this world, but what makes Franka so unique is the combination of her strong mind and ability to see and understand people and her incredibly giving, sharing and openmind soul that really touches your heart. By being that way she gives you the confidence to receive and change. I can also highly recommend her retreat if you want peace and a good athmosphere for relaxation and self development as well as personalized hypnotherapy sessions. I travelled all the way from Norway to Puerto Rico and it was worth every penny. She is a collegue but I also see her as a friend for life. Mariann Sabina Auestad, Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist.

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