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Bella Vista Adventist Academy, located at Cerro Las Mesas in Mayagüez, surrounded by a beautiful scenery and the pleasant breezes of the Caribbean Sea, is the educational institution of excelence for the 21st century student. We offer an integral education for the development of the mind, body and character of students from Pre-k to 12th grade. We use the traditional teaching method and offer an English Immersion program recognized in Puerto Rico and other countries as an effective one with garanteed results. Our institution is committed to an education of excelence, developing principles and values, forming characters in our students that will make them useful citizens in the present and coming world. Our goal is that our students master the English language and have a good relation with God and their neighbor. 15 Oct 12:00 am - 11:59 pm Mayagüez, PR 21 Dec 12:00 am - 11:59 pm Mayagüez, PR “ At Bella Vista Adventist Academy there were various teachers who influenced my life in a very positive way, so much that I have as a special memory many experiences that marked me. I will never forget the English teacher, Mrs. Nieves. I loved to enter her classroom, not necessarily because I liked English, but because of the beautiful presence of the Holy Spirit that I felt there. The prayers and the devotionals were fundamental in her class, but the nicest thing was her concern for the needs of each student as if each one was the only one in her class. Her fervent love for God always inspired me to have that same intimate relationship with God as my teacher had. “Before going to Bella Vista Adventist Academy, I was in various public schools in Puerto Rico and the United States. I didn’t know much about God, and I did not understand the purpose of going to a church. My time in the school was one filled with love, friendship, and many blessings. I had many pleasant first experiences there. Among those is the fact that teachers look for God’s guidance and help through devotional and prayer before starting the class. The school is very concerned with the well-being of each student.”“When I think of Bella Vista Adventist Academy, I think of home. I spent 13 years of my life walking through the hallways, playing, eating the in the lunchroom, sitting in the yellow sofa in the library, and living the full experience that is Bella Vista. I spend more time in that school and all its activities than I did in my own home. I met the best people, who became my friends for life. I had great experiences there. Knowing that, now you might understand that Bella Vista taught me very big lessons that I take in my heart wherever I go. Here is one of those special lessons and memories. ”" It was weird. I didn’t know exactly what to expect when entering that school, but now I definitely see the fruits of all those years as a student in Bella Vista Adventist Academy. The reason my parents decided to enroll me at the school was because of their English immersion program. After a while I learned a new “style” of education, as well as new friends, and I learned an uplifting message that came from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. " “ During my academic life, little by little I learned to take responsibility, to respect and mature; I learned to accept the consequences of my actions. There are always good and bad moments, but I truly believe that God has a plan for each one of us. Our Almighty God knows our dreams, our fears, the things that make us happy, our strengths, and our weaknesses; He knows everything about us from the moment we were in our mother’s womb. I would not change the experiences that I had at Bella Vista Adventist Academy for anything in the world, and I will never forget all the moments that I shared with people with who I would love to continue sharing in the future. ”

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Marcos Cruz said 5 years ago
The ideal environment to make friends and to know God! ☺👍
Cronicas de Brenda Garcia said 5 years ago
Educacion de excelencia
Olatokunboh Obasi said 4 years ago
Lourdes Nieves said 5 years ago

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