Montemar Plaza, 205 Calle Federico Acosta, San Juan, 00918, Puerto Rico

Asian Restaurant

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Alejandro Amador-Dumois said 4 years ago
My wife loves this place. She ordered the bibimbap and loved it. I ordered "al plato" and it was really good. Nice place, clean and quiet.
Clifton M said 4 years ago
Good burritos. It reminds me of Chipotle.
Natalia Martínez said 5 years ago
Love it! I've only tried the Gimbap, Bibimbap and (obviously) some of their Bubble teas. And, honestly, they're so good that I often have cravings for them. I've seen the burritos and they look delicious, but nothing can beat the gimbap, bibimbap & the kimchi!!! I recommend it!
Luis Ramírez said 5 years ago
Better than any Chipotle!! Go in, order a burrito with fried rice and kimchi, and I can assure you that you'll like it more than any other burrito you've had in your life. It is my absolute favorite place in San Juan for fast casual Korean-Mexican food.
Joel De Leon said 4 years ago
Great tasting food!

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