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Hydra - live music venue, mixology, street food, concerts

Hydra Live Music Venue is the PREMIER entertainment destination in the west coast of Puerto Rico. Our Live Music Shows, Mixology Lounge & Street Finger Food Menu conspires to provide every guest with the most exciting gastro-entertainment experience .

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Crimilda Rosado-Rodríguez said 4 years ago
Hydra, Aguadilla...Excellent place to visit! Delicious food, it's owner, Roberto Bobby Becerril and staff, always very accommodating and helpful! Thank you for your hard work and accommodation...very pleasing indeed! Kudos to you all!
Eric Crespo said 4 years ago
Good food, great venue, decent parking, plenty of events
Marco R said 4 years ago
Cool bar
Arturo Guerrero said 6 years ago
Amaizing food even better service!! Great Ambience!!
Eric Bocanegra said 6 years ago
One of the best spots to hang out in Aguadilla... Great food and music.

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