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Abd D.H said 4 years ago
Great food and service!
Sebastian Perez said 5 years ago
I like this establishment because the people that works there is very caring and good. My dad works there and he is the best his name is Mario Pérez and he is a the best waitress ever
Carlos Rosado said 5 years ago
Food is good. The staff usually served you with a smile and friendly attitude.
gil Rivera said 5 years ago
So after the movies me and the family went to this establishment due to the High reviews that it has. So I inquired about the steak and shrimp all u can eat as well I asked the lady at the register if this is all u can eat. She reported that it is all you can eat steak and shrimp as well the shrimp comes in different options such as breaded, al ajillo, etc. So I just get that without the buffet because in my mind I'm going to go hard on the steak and different varietys of the cook shrimp. So the waiter comes she asked me what type of shrimp I want and I said I will start with the breaded one. So the steak was good small portion(but I was cool about it because I thought I was going to be able to get more) the breaded shrimp was awful. Then I called the waiter to put my next order in, that's when it got real. She then stated that I can only get breaded shrimp and no steak. I'm like WTF, I tell her the lady at the register told me is for both and I can have any type of cooked shrimp as well she reported to me when I first put my order what shrimp style I wanted. She then reported that she was going to ask the manager to at least provide the other style of shrimp since I couldn't get more steak. She comes back and says he said "NO". I'm not ghetto im not going to make a scene and I felt bad not leaving a tip because I know they barely make enough to live, so I just walked out, but never again. False advertisement, make sure u read the fine print as well make sure somebody on the Register knows their Job! Worst experience I have had a restaurant.
Miguel Galarza said 5 years ago
I love eating here, healthy options for us vegetarians

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