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GM Sushi Bar

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Ryan D. Hall Morales said 4 years ago
Amazing service, and a wide selection of excellent flavors. I highly recommend the Manhattan roll.
Craig Saddler said 4 years ago
Good. Had the shrimp tempura and eel rolls. They have litchi fruit. They also take phone orders. The place is very small though, about 6 or 7 tables.
Frankie Kandela said 6 years ago
I stepped in for lunch at this Japanese Sushi restaurant located right next to the movie theater, excellent location. Eh. Except, to my horror they serve no hot sake, no Sapporo, no kamikazes. As long as you dine at this place you will stay sober my friends. Kampai some holy water!
Robert Grundmeier said 5 years ago
Me and my friend love this place. Especially the salmon hand rolls and the fried dumplings😀 We hope you come and like it to just like us🍱 From: BMD age 10 🍣
Yomangie Arias said 4 years ago
Muy buen servicio y la comida estaba riquísima. Recomiendo el Manhattan, ese fue el que pedí y estaba super rico.

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