PR-165, Toa Baja, 00949, Puerto Rico

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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Balneario Punta Salinas

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eva toro said 4 years ago
Parking is not far off the beach and you are able to watch the kids while they are on the shore....loved it for the kids...
Bastian Sarh said 4 years ago
One of the nicest beaches in Puerto Rico. We go there by boat for great swimming and snorkeling.
Yajaira Rodriguez said 4 years ago
Nice and clean beach. A lot of parking and nice views.
Rafael Nerí said 4 years ago
Pretty beach with great views. Parking Fee around $6.
Jackie Schulte said 4 years ago
Gorgeous sunset. Highschool kids playing volleyball and a fisherman on the rocks! February 2017!

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