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Sixt Rent a Car - San Juan

Sixt Rent a Car in San Juan has a variety of cars to choose from and great options to make it easy for you to rent a car in Puerto Rico and get on your way.

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desery martell said 4 years ago
I would rate this place with zero stars. When I picked my rental car up it had scratches and dents that was noticeable. When I went to turn my car in at the end of my vacation I had a little scratch on the back bumper passenger side which you can barely see unless you're bending down. For that scratch I had a $500 deductible held on my account for damages. For a LITTLE scratch!! Never again will I rent from them.
Hadi Donyadideh said 4 years ago
WARNING!!!! This is not a regular "airport car rental" company!!! If you are flying United, JetBlue, Delta check their operating hours! We arrived on a Friday at 3PM booked via Kayak third party app for 2 days. They have a shuttle service and it can take 30 min for them to pick you up! On Sunday our flight was at 7:45AM we went to return the car to find out they only operate during daylight time ( 8-8 )!!! Either had to leave the car in street (not a possible thing) and take the flight or forget the flight that you might have paid 100s of dollars and buy another expensive ticket! We chose the second option! Called their 1800 number they were not even able to locate the policy/confirmation number to begin with!! Missed the flight and had to fly standby went from gate to gate, airport to airport and got home a 20 hours later than what we had planned!!
JESUS CASTANEDA said 4 years ago
Worst car rental company! My first trip to the PR and, after my long flight from CA, I just wanted to get to my hotel and rest. So, that's what Sixt rent a car did. They provided me with a car and when they asked me to inspection the car I noted the small scratches and I even pushed into place a small square from the front bumper that was falling out of pace [this square comes off manually when. The car needs to be towed]. I was there for 7 days and each time I would get into the car I would push that same square back into place. At the end of my stay, they claimed that a small crack (about a quarter in size) on the bottom lip of the front bumper was cause while the car was on my possession. I explained them that the crack was already there and with the wind pressure it will cause the small square to come out of place. At the end, I had to pay $500 deductible for something that will cost less than $250 to fix. I can't believe that such company is still operating. I've rented cars for over 10 years and never had this issue! It is just bad business and they don't realize that much of their economy depends on tourism, and, all this company is accomplishing, besides ripping people off, is to discourage future tourist to visit the already economically crumbly PR Island.
Anthony Augustinack said 4 years ago
Terrible service. Waited nearly two hours for a shuttle. Had to hunt down a ride.No one answered the phone.
Sergio Martinez said 4 years ago
My wife told me to put two stars otherwise I will give them one. Warning beware of the extra fees: 1)insurance is around $25 per day.( even if ur insurance company coverts u as a driver) they will still insists on adding at least a $15 dollar per day insurance. 2)The use of told road pass.$7 per day or if u decline u will pay $10 per told u passed unpaid. 3)they open at 8am and u have two options drop the car really early in the morning, take a cab bc the shuttle is not available before 8am.or leave it at the airport parking lot with a fee of $30 plus other chargers (idk what other chargers really). My originally price was for six days at $139.00 total, with all the extras it ended at $305.00 I wasnt very pleased for paying more then double. ***Listen to this review and call at least 3 car rental companies to get the bottom best price, that's if u like to save money of course:). Enjoy the Island, u can do so much and enjoy ur visit here.

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