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edwin calzaretta said 4 years ago
I have to agree with most of these reviews and say that this was very unsatisfying. When I showed up at the rental facility there were hidden fees that ended up way higher than my reservation price, which I had paid before we left for our trip. I had prepaid $246.00 for the car rental and when we showed up at the front desk.... the rental ended up costing $450.000 for 4 days of use not including the price of gas. I have rented cars at BQN airport many times, this was my first using Dollar and was by far the worst and most expensive experience. I will never use dollar again, and I only encourage others to learn from my mistake.
Jon Bednarz said 4 years ago
Do not do it! Don't waste your time or money. BS hidden fees. We waited an hour and a half at 3am for the shuttle...The airport is 4min from the rental car facility. We called 11 times they said the driver was on his way... It took him an hour and a half to get 4min up the road. We arrived there was one person working. It took another 2 hours to get the rental and we had to wait to have it cleaned. There was a line out the door behind us. God bless the people behind us they must have waited all day. It was anightmare all said in done we got in our car 4 hours after we landed. Ohh also I paid in full online and when arrived I paid $250 in excess BS fees. Not cheaper than other options and the worst experience I have ever dealt with.
Aaron Lowe said 4 years ago
I wish there was a button for less than one star. Its been a month and I still dont have deposit back. Ive been lied to, hung up on, and run in circles. There are tons of rental car places im Puerto Rico... So please choose any one of them over this disaster of a company.
Nana Nie said 5 years ago
Please do not rent a car in this place they will charge you extra for everything. They will charge you more taxes when you get the car so don't be surprised, the car rental was;$425 online with taxes but when you go and pick up the car they will charge you more in Taxes, we pay $247 more in some taxes and $83.37 in toll because I told them I pass one toll by mistake and they charge me the whole time I had the car even I didn't use the tolls... Really bad customer service they don't care about the customer it's just the money... I hate to put bad reviews but I think you should have the right to know. They don't even deserve one star... please go to another car rental because if you think you saving money with this car rental??? you're really not saving nothing at all....
Theo Sa said 4 years ago
We waiting in line since hour and a half and just one person who do the whole process... Bad experience have ever got.

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