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Coqui Car Rental

  Starts at $60 per day Starts at $60 per day Starts at $60 per day Starts at $60 rent per day Starts at $60 per day "The service is great! The pickup location is a short walk from the ferry. And it was a wonderful experience exploring Vieques! I would definitely recommend it." Christian Colón "I can't imagine going to Vieques without renting a jeep or a van to truly explore the outdoors. Vieques is gorgeous! And exploring the island adds to the adventure." Miguel Hernandez "It was so fun to rent a jeep & see the uniqueness of Vieques. We saw the ceiba tree, the old lighthouse, granite boulders all over, beautiful beaches & little food stops to try the local cuisine. We ended up on this small little road & there were crabs everywhere, probably a thousand, it was so cool to just sit& watch! We never would have seen half of this without the friendly staff's suggestions." Jocelyn Jacernick "The beautiful & intimate beaches were endless! Our picnic basket with goodies was perfect since we didn't see more than 15 people all day. I felt like we had our own private island." Lana Volk "My wife & I had a blast finding coconut trees all over the island. We felt like Tarzan & Jane knocking down coconuts & breaking them open to drink the water & eat the meat. We were laughing all day. This place has so much to see & with a jeep we were able to get everywhere." Zach Johnson "Our jeep was ready to go with beach chairs, picnic basket, towels & an umbrella when we arrived. It was so fast and easy. We were on our way checking out the island in no time. Great customer experience." Matt & Lindsay Andrews Get some ideas for your visit! There is so much to do when you arrive at Vieques, it will make your head spin. Its always nice to have a game plan. Here is a video to give you some ideas when planning your vacation when you reach our beautiful getaway destination! Everything from beautiful beaches to paddle boarding in the Bioluminest Bay! You'll never get bored and you'll definately need a ride to get to all these amazing attractions.That's where we come in with Coquí Car Rental! We give you the best mode of transportation you could ever have on Vieques. So come on down and reserve your ride before you get here cause we do sell out! Welcome, and have a blast at Vieques! Call Us Phone: (787) 741-3318 or (787) 741-3696 Email: reservations@coquicarrental.com  

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Emily Smith said 4 years ago
DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!! About 4 sensors continued to beep the entire time we used the jeep including the seatbelt sensor. But that's not the worst of it! They quoted us $60 to rent a jeep for a day. They said they would not charge us a pick-up or drop-off fee if we walked from the ferry to their location to rent it. When we rented it all they said was don't bring it back with the entire beach in it. So we were careful to brush off our feet before getting in the vehicle and before we returned it we brushed off the seats. One seat was SLIGHTLY damp because we had been in the ocean but I had towel dried, put on dry clothes over my bathing suit, and also put a dry towel in the seat to keep the seat from getting wet. They charged us an extra $150 for the seat being just a tiny bit damp!! When I asked the lady what I was supposed to have done in addition to all the precautions I had already taken she said I should have taken off my bathing suit on the beach before I put on the dry clothes. I'm not sure what type of culture she is from but under no circumstance do I think it's appropriate to tell your customer she was supposed to strip naked on a public beach. The lady was EXTREMELY rude and when my boyfriend and I both tried to talk to her she was looking around the room like we weren't even there. Also, she charged us a $15 pick-up fee AND a $15 drop-off fee when we had already been assured we would not incur that fee. ALSO, the man who worked there swung open the back of the jeep as soon as we pulled up and our snorkeling gear fell out all over the asphalt, scratching both of our masks and he didn't even apologize! In total, ONE day of a jeep rental from these people cost me $300 and it was supposed to be $60. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THESE PEOPLE!!! This company also goes under the name Island Jeep.
Wilfredo Pereira said 4 years ago

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