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Dave Hall said 4 years ago
I should have been worried when they were they only company who appeared to still have availability the day before we wanted to go, but decided to book anyway. The trip went fairly well until we were on our way back where you could really see the illumination as you moved your hand thru the water and the tour guide kept turning on his light so we couldn't see them. He did this for the 15 minutes we were in the only spot you could see the illumination and then when we got out of the good spot he turned his light off and left it off or the rest of the trip. The owner asked me why I didn't ask him to turn the light off to which I responded, "Why should I need to? He is the professional and has done it hundreds of times, he should know how it works." Do yourself a favor and wait until someone else has availability on their schedule.
Scott Paul said 4 years ago
Great time here. Service and guides wonderful. I wish I had known the bio bay was at 15% capacity before I booked I might have passed however
Wai Man Wong said 4 years ago
Really fun paddling at night. This time of the month (fullish moon) requires a tarp to see any bioluminescence.
Jian Gao said 4 years ago
No bioluminescence!!! On Nov/28/2016 (New moon, should be the best time), we took the tour at 8pm. However, we didn't see the bioluminescence. The tour guide- Tony tried to show us the bioluminescence, by swing in the water, we could barely see anything, very disappointed. After coming back, we checked with our friends who went to the bio bay in Vieques two days ago (slight worse time than 11/28/2016), they told us they see the beautiful bioluminescence, when they pour the water into their hand and body, they can see the shinning blue-green luminescence. When I talked about this with the Wyndham Rio Mar resort staff, they told us that the luminescence intensity was very weak at that period, so Yokahu should already know that. And we were the second tour of that day, they should tell us that we could not see the bioluminescence before departure. They didn't! Disappointed!
Zachary Schaffter said 5 years ago
Kayaking with Yokahu was probably the worst experience I had while in Puerto Rico, and that includes a 4 hour boat ride where I spent three of it being seasick. Reasons why? Rude staff (though Tony was cool), poor guidance, and god help you if you go alone or as the odd-member of your group, because they *will* stick you with someone you've never met/doesn't speak your language. And if you've ever kayaked, you know it's hard enough with someone you know/trust. Add in the lack of directions from the guides and the pitch black environment, and you're in for two hours of hell. Overall I'd rate this company 0 stars if I could, but alas. This all being said, the bay itself is nice, so I'd highly recommend checking it out, just avoid Yokahu if at all possible.

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