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Tanama River Adventures

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Tanamá River Adventures | Cave Tubing, Rappelling, Caving, Underground River, Waterfalls and trail forest adventures in the Tanamá River, Utuado, Puerto Rico. * 787-462-4121 * Reservations Required!

Underground River               Cave-Tubing Cave-Tubing is our most important attraction here at Tanamá River. Here at Tanamá is the only place in the Carribbean for floating with tubes through caves, over 300 mtrs. long. Adventurous and relaxing at the same time. Cave-Tubing is a rare Experience that only few places around the Planet can offer you! Our team will guide you into an unforgettable Experience. Tanamá River Adventures ONE  with NATURE!. Unique Experiences! Enjoy Puerto Rico’s beauty; explore Caves and Caverns while swimming at the Tanamá River. Enjoy our Cave-Tubing Plus to get a Real Nature Adventure. The Best thing to experience while being in Puerto Rico. Hiking in trail forest and exploring the Karst or limestone formation, swimming in natural pools and waterfalls, with the opportunity of descending into the caves with the Rappelling Adventure, and the Cave-Tubing experience. Nature Sacred Journey’s . with  Tanama River Adventures!   Caves in a different way while you Rappell down the cliff to meet the Caves and river, with 3 different Rappelling options to choose from, all of them located in a Cave system, giving you the opportunity to see stalactiles formations from a new perspective of life. Caving at Utuado Puerto Rico with Tanamá River Adventures is one of those good things to do  in your visit to the Tropical Caribbean Island of Borikén, (as our Indigenous culture “Taínos” named it). Explore the island of Puerto Rico in an Cultural Underground experience that you will enjoy in a positive way, with the unique service of our expertise Tour Guides, that will make your experience an unforgettable one! Caving Adventures with Tanamá River Adventures! Arco ( Arch Cave), in Utuado, Puerto Rico. Our place is located between the first two tunnel caves that this river finds on it’s way back to the ocean. After hiking through beautiful trail forest you can enjoy a caving exploration with the Cave-Tubing adventure, crossing tunnel caves through underground river system for over 300mts. long and one of them with over 200mts. of altitude, observing huge stalactite formations and exploring Nature while you float down the stream with your floating tube. This Cave-Tubing experience is suitable for all ages. We are located on road #111, km. 12.6, Utuado, P.R., near the Caguana Ceremonial Indian grounds. Come and enjoy a real adventure in Nature, in our Sacred lands and you will never forget this place! while being in Puerto Rico. Our River Adventures takes place at Tanamá river in Utuado Puerto Rico, near the Caguana’s Ceremonial Indian Grounds in road #111, km. 12.6, Utuado. We are one of the few places in the Caribbean where you can go Cave-Tubing, and with the beauty of this place full of Caverns, Caves and waterfalls makes this Adventure experience a one of the things to do while on vacations in Puerto Rico. We will introduced you to real Mountain people lifestyle, and give you the opportunity to share some time with the local community, farmers and sustainable people. We will walk together through the forest and we will explore nature in a sacred way, leaving no trace and enjoying nature as it is, with different options to choose from, like Cave-tubing and Rappelling, with the unique experience of river trekking through underground river and canyoning, with visit to caves and more. This is a must do attraction while being here at our Caribbean island, come and join us for a real nature adventure experience and we will guaranteed you an unforgettable experience here at Tanamá River Adventures. you feel when you control your descend to be close to the beauty of the Tanamá River; a way of exploration that combines your physical abilities with the vertical technology of these days, creating the Rappelling Adventure one of a kind tour attraction at the Tanamá River Adventures experience.  This rappelling is in a cave system connecting you and the river through a huge hole on the ground, where you will be 120’ft over the river, inside a cave with many stalactites formations on the roof, and from there you start your rappelling adventure that will take you into a sacred journey to enjoy the beauty of the Tanamá river. This rappelling adventure experience will put you into that moment of feeling WOW!, the caves, the rocks formations, the river and the adrenaline of the rappelling all combine together to give you a day of fun and adventures in a safety way. Kids are welcome for this rappelling adventure tour. Life is Adventure and there are many different ways of exploring Nature, in Tanamá River Adventures we offer you the most popular Tour attraction at the Tanamá River, the Cave Tubing. This Cave Tubing experience is a combination between caving and body rafting, making this adventure a unique on its own. We hike through trail forest to encounter the entrance of the River Cave, and is here where we experience the underground river. With helmets and life jackets on and a floating tube, and we are ready to embark in a sacred journey going cave tubing at Tanamá River. The Cave that we will be crossing for about 20mins. is called El Portillo (little portal), and this is the first tunnel cave that the Tanamá River finds on its way down to the ocean. This tunnel cave system is through limestone bedrock, which have been erode by the waters for millions of years. Many of the limestone are composed from skeletal fragments of marine organism such as corals and shells, and you will have the opportunity to witness some of these petrify coral reef, and also how Mother Earth is creating itself. After we spend some time floating down the stream and enjoying the cave tubing we get closer to the exit of the tunnel cave with a gorgeous view of the open sky river. Now the Sun will be shining over our heads giving us the warm sunlight that we all need to be alive, and we keep floating while we observe the beauty of the rocks formation in this area of the Tanamá River. After finishing with the cave tubing experience we will enjoy the river and its Natural swimming pools, with optional free jumps, climbing, and more. Good time to relax and enjoy Nature as it is, and getting ready for the next Tanamá River Adventures experience!     Tanamá River Adventures, exploring Nature and giving you a great opportunity to enjoy The Tanamá River in Utuado, P.R. in a safety way. When you explore Nature your senses become more alert, you don’t know what’s coming next, so you have to live in the present moment, and that moment is a very important part in Nature exploration, and that’s the place where Tanamá River Adventures want to take you. We want to take you into that moment of living in the present, because is in the present moment where all the magic happens, and the Tanamá river is Magical!  We will be taking you inside the Tanamá River tropical humid forest for a Nature exploration while you delight yourself with the beauty of this place.  The Tanamá River and it’s spectacular views of mountain scenery will take your breath away. Life is Adventure, Explore Nature with us! and have one of the best time of your life. Tanamá River Adventures giving you one of the greatest experience in your Life, pure excitement with adrenaline energy, exploring Nature and seen It as never before. Come and enjoy one of the Greatest Rappelling Cave in the Caribbean (250″ft high), with incredible stalactite formations; Hiking with flora and fauna interpretation, River landscape views, Cave tubing and River tubing, River trekking including canyoning, Caving, Waterfalls, natural swimming pools, optional free jums, climbing, and more. Explore NATURE in a Sacred Journey! Bring the Best in you, and feel Life as a living ceremony. Tanamá River Adventures; come and Fly with us!

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David Curet said 4 years ago
We did Option 4 - what an awesome trip! I would recommend shoes with plenty of traction on wet rocks - some people in our group had trail shoes that had cleat like knobs on the bottom of the shoes and while it was great in the mud, it really caused issues on the rocks causing them to slip quite a few times. The rappelling in the cave was the highlight of the trip. But the views you get are just as awesome. The guides were friendly and knowledgeable. There was some heavy rain on the mountain that cut our tour short - but you can't control the weather. They did offer partial refunds to our group. I would recommend this place to anyone that could do it!
Gabe isit said 4 years ago
This place was wonderful, amazing, and unbelievable. No word in any written could describe it. The staff were very knowledgeable and professional. They provided a lunch after the 5 hour hiking, tubing, swimming, and rappelling. They let me free swim the whole dark caves length with bats over head. What a feeling... 10🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟..
JD Kilgallin said 4 years ago
Beautiful area and fascinating experience. Be prepared for a long (but beautiful) walk on steep hills with loose gravel, preceded by a fairly challenging drive, and followed by some cold water (option 1). Address reported is accurate.
Chadd Martin said 4 years ago
Awesome spot. Did option #2 with the kids. Nice hike and explanation about the forest. Floating thru the cave in a tube was awesome. Meal afterwards was wonderful. I would wear hiking boots as the trail was slippery. Water was cool and refreshing. Pack snack and water in a bad and you will be able to leave on shore while in the tube in the water.
Carlos Vargas said 4 years ago
Omar and crew were the absolute best. They were extremely professional, prepared, fun, and very educational. I highly recommend them. This was by far the coolest thing I've done in all my years going to Puerto Rico.

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