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Forget tours� Live the adventure. Accept the challenge and experience nature at a whole new level in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

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Lashanda Ward said 4 years ago
I'm writing to advise you of my not so great experience with the bioluminescent tour. This tour is not designed for anyone who has never kayacked before. My husband and I were the only two people in our group that have never done it. They put us in a kayak on our own with very little instruction. Once it began everyone including the guide were way ahead of us ( they basically left us) as our kayak began to drift in a different direction. My husband felt like the back support for him was very loose and his legs were not in the correct position. Thankfully before we got too far in, one of the guys at the shoreline came out and pulled us back. So we didn't do the tour. I was under the impression this tour was ok for someone who has never kayacked, this is not true. Ultimately my husband and I ended up waiting at the dock for 2 hours for the tour to complete. This was a horrible experience, and a expensive lesson learned. I spoke with Genesis who was the person who was working for the company, she handled the paperwork and payments. Genesis was very pleasant and nice however she could not assist with a refund. I'm emailing you today to request a refund for this bad experience. This is a lot of money to lose, please consider my request. Thank you, LaShanda Ward
Fatema Dossaji said 5 years ago
This was a very difficult experience for us. We were kayaking in pitch darkness, in the mangroves for most of the time. And, we kept getting stuck in the branches. Our guide was not at all helpful...when I asked for help to get out of branches, he responded that he was helping a lot of people. The instructions before kayaking began were also not that great. Basically we kayaked for almost two hours in darkness to enjoy 5 minutes of the bio bay, which was not at all worth the experience for us. The whole experience was very frustrating, unorganized, and frightening for us. It would have been better if there were more guides, and they could have flashed some light during our path in the mangroves.
Carlos Martinez said 5 years ago
Great staff and affordable prices. A must in PR.
nestor martinez said 4 years ago
Elaine Rosa said 5 years ago

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