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Artisan Plastic Surgery procedures are performed by top cosmetic surgeons Dr. Alexander, Dr. Wang Ashraf and Dr. Fishman in Johns Creek and Atlanta, GA

Susan Hampton said 2 years ago
I had almost given up hope before I met with Dr. Diane Alexander. When I developed breast cancer for the 2nd time, the only option was to have a double mastectomy. My previous doctor attempted several procedures for reconstruction. After 7 surgeries I found myself full of scars and back to ground “zero”…….literally! I then met with Dr. Alexander. She was knowledgeable, explained my options and answered my questions with honesty. She not only provided me a plan for reconstruction, she gave me hope that I could soon be “myself” again. My results are magnificent! Diane Alexander is a true artist and I am living proof! Susan Hampton
Andreia Paiva said 2 years ago
Extremely disappointed. I had an appointment with Dr.Ashraf for chin lipo and chin implant. When she walked in, she introduced herself and quickly said she normally does Breast and body and would go get her partner to do my consult. 5 minutes later she can back and said the other Dr. That typically does facial surgery procedures is unavailable and said I don't need any surgical procedures. She recommended a treatment called skintyte with the aesthetician. I felt rushed and I had consultations with other doctors before so I know I need chin lipo and/or chin implant to get the results I desire. I am also a medical aesthetician and laser practitioner and I know the laser treatments cannot give me the results I am looking for!!! and if she doesn't have experience with facial plastic surgery WHY DID THEY BOOK MY APPOINTMENT WITH HER WHEN I SPECIFICALLY ASKED IF SHE WAS A SPECIALIST!!! I ended up having to pay $4 for parking and hours wasted for the worst consultation I've ever had. Please do not waste your precious time, sit in traffic, pay for parking (the parking lot is a hassle) just to go through this.
Blogs with Emma Leigh said 2 years ago
Dr.asraf is absolutely amazing! They results are incredible and everyone is helpful and friendly! Mandy and Dr . Asraf was always there for me every step of the way with all my questions and concerns ! I can't say enough good things!
Anonymous Poster said 2 years ago
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Wang-Ashraf! I felt very confident in her skills after my initial consultation and viewing her book of "before and after photos." She answered all my questions in detail and to my satisfaction. She is extremely knowledgeable and very experienced. On her recommendations, I had a screening mammogram prior to my breast surgery for clearance and a small incidental cancer was discovered! If not for her insistence on getting a mammogram, it probably wouldn't have been discovered for another year or two, since I am not old enough for routine screening mammography recommendations. Thanks to early detection, I was able to have a smaller lumpectomy and early aggressive treatment. I still wanted to pursue the reduction/lift, and asked Dr. Wang-Ashraf's advice whether I should wait until after treatment is completed or do it prior to treatment. She gave me thoughtful and knowledgeable advice to proceed prior to completion of treatment with multiple reasons to support that decision. My reduction/lift surgery was a bit complicated because I had a recent lumpectomy on one breast. So, she had to change her initial approach to the breast reduction/lift surgery on that side. Despite the slightly different technique on one breast, they both turned out beautiful and very even. I couldn't be happier with the results! A few minor issues during the healing process were handled skillfully and confidently by her staff, in particular Heather and her partner Dr. Alexander. If I had to do this all over again, I would chose Dr. Wang-Ashraf as my surgeon in a minute. Her surgical skills and technique are great and she is extremely responsive and helpful before and after the surgery. In fact, I am planning to get a TT with her at some point after I am done with all my treatments.
Star Szabo said 2 years ago
I would rather give no stars that's how horrible and uncaring Dr. Bernadette Wang-Ashraf is! At the first consultation she was very nice, acted like she cared, it was going to turn out perfect but she ruined my career by butchering my body. She did a (TT) on me and five days later I was back in emergency surgery with internal bleeding. Her nurses and staff let me in on a few other things that happened too. I'm so thankful that Dr. Alexandria was there for my emergency surgery. I'm not sure I would have made it out alive without her. Also, where my old belly button was is now a black hole that will fall off....yet this was never discussed as an outcome. All the nurses made me feel like I did something wrong when we know it was Wang! She never stays in the room with you for more than 2 mins, she's doing more consults for $15,000 each. Greedy much. I'd never say that to a real Dr but you can see she is only after your money!! Dr's take an oath to heal not hurt, well she hurt me physically, mentally, emotionally and she should not be allowed to "practice" on any other poor woman out there who just wants to feel good about herself! She can't give me a reason why I'm wider than I was pre-surgery, she says "You must have gained weight "! Are you serious? You had me laid to a bed for 3 months when you said 6 weeks. Her personal nurse Heather is just as rude no matter if I called or Johnny. (She claimed I was after pain meds) well you did two surgeries on me in less than a week, I'm terribly sorry for having any pain at all! They also gave us a number to send pics to or ask questions, I waited over a month and still NO DAMN RESPONSE! To sum it all up I WOULD NEVER SEND MY WORST ENEMY TO DR. WANG-ASHRAF!!!! Maybe the other Dr's are good, idk but not her! I COMPLETELY REGRET THIS WHOLE THING!! And Dr. Wang-Ashraf is to blame! Quick update: 1 1/2 years after the surgery, she admits that she wasn't sure she was going to be able to do the revision on it in the first place. So 2 years after my original consult and her kissing my ass, the truth comes out. Then I told her the truth that I had been to other Dr's who agreed she botched me. She said "if you think I botched you then go find another Dr. Again.....RUDE AS HELL, CANT EVEN ADMIT SHE SCREWED UP MAJORLY! Then she said "You can talk to one of my colleagues". And she never came back to my room. So we left and waited a bit to call back up there to find out she has no other colleagues that work in that office! ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHET!! DONT TRUST THIS WOMAN, IF YOU SEEN MY SCARS, IT WOULD SCARE YOU TO DEATH AND I GET TO LIVE THE REDT OF MY LIFE LIKE THIS THANKS TO THE HORRIBLE NO GOOD DR. BERNADETTE WANG-ASHRAF!!!!!

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